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Writer seeks artist for any kind of project.
Sidwarrious at 2:45AM, Aug. 29, 2008
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Ever read Mercs and think “Despite the art, this is solidly written”? No…Damn, but I wanna write for YOU (insert name here)! I can write anything. Science fiction, comedy, fantasy, modern day, drama. Anything and I can do it. I just want to write again and get back into the swing of things until Mercs restarts whenever. So if you're interested, I'm easy to work with and I can tone done any crassness you may think I'm only capable of. So now I sink into the sea of writers seeking artists with only my Oscar Wilde snorkle to keep me from drowning.

Oh and I don't get PQs. I have an Under 13 account on accident. So if you wanna email me do so at
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EPuckett at 11:15AM, Sept. 9, 2008
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Do you have anything in particular in mind? I can draw a wide range of things, and I'm pretty bored, so if you have any ideas, I may be up for a collab. I don't have any pics online currently, but I can give you samples if ya can give me a script.
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