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Writer(s) seeking an artist
malix at 12:19PM, April 23, 2010
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Ok let me explain basically the writers are myself and a friend. We have a funny and somewhat goofy kinda sci-fi story that we would like to turn into a webcomic. For the most part nether of us is good at drawing so we need an artist for this. There is a lot to it though honestly it is not something I can easily explain here. I suck at explaining things without being asked questions so yea. I will say that it is preferable that the artist is fine with some mature situations and drawing said situations though it is not required. Also it would be good if you are a fan of some cynical and dark humor. I know this is rather minimal but if you are interested contact me here or over my aim, yahoo, msn, or email and we will talk.

here is a little note about it from a few questions I was asked.

-The plot of the story? well in short it is a group of people living in close proximity one of which being a slightly insane alien. That is what I would call the plot if I had to though there is no real ultimate goal other than the story showing what happened with this group. Notably while you may not believe me this has been thought out in quite a bit of detail.
-What are the characters like? The characters are somewhat like everyday people well aside from one being an alien running from his home world, one being a greedy landlady with a past, and the rest being a bunch of other misfits…..they are normal though they are just weird.

Email/yahoo: (also same for yahoo messenger)
msn: (do not email this i never check it)
aim: malix456

There they are I will probably pop back in here in case you post here but yea please contact me if you are interested.
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