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Yasumicon on Saturday !! The Results?
kaminari at 4:59PM, Aug. 9, 2006
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If anyone is gonna be in Miami area on Saturday or Sunday, dont forget about Yasumicon !!

It took some time to get a day off approved, but I get to go on Saturday ! hooray !

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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thatreevesgirl at 5:22PM, Aug. 9, 2006
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I'm in Nebraska, so that is a no, but I hope that you have a lot of fun. :D

The convention scene is a lot of fun, I just got done with one last weekend *points to my horror story that is a different topic in this forum*

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Adariel at 6:39PM, Aug. 9, 2006
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Yasumicon?, a convention on sleeping? :-D (neh, that was a stupid attempt at rough translation)
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kaminari at 9:44PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Thank friggen god no one else here went (Aside from that other person familiar on DD that I like so much who I went with ;-p)

First of all, it was ungodly hot this year.. I know they cant control the heat of a Miami summer but cosplaying in my Fudomine uniform was a definite hell no. Last year there was a cool period because hurricane Danny had passed through the day before.
There were still some very nice cosplays. A lot of people I remembered seeing last year.
Too bad the hotel security was real anal about “weapons”. They took anything even resembling a weapon (such as a paper mache sword and a guy with a walking cane for his cosplay).

The events were poorly planned, very lame, and few and far between…. I had offered on the forums to do a cel panel and another girl said she'd help but we were not responded to. They wouldnt even tell people how to be a part of the artist alley… which also sucked…
It was like 4 girls who all did real unoriginal, fairly poor, manga and/or furry prints.

Last year they had a sushi making panel with a delightfully hilarious Japanese man who told very amusing stories and gave everyone some free sushi. They also had entertaining quiz games and Japanese drummers performed. All they had this year was a mecha panel *yawn* and Vic Mignona or whatever… I HATE dubbed anime, so I dont friggen care who the hell this guy is, but you would have thought he was a top-rated oscar winner the way they acted.

Worst of all, the facilities, at a smelly casino hotel, were WAY TOO SMALL !!
I think they grossly underestimated their attendance, which is a good thing because that means its a supported con, but bad because you had to wait 2+ hours in a line to squeeze into the dealer room. You could barely breath there was so many people jammed into that tiny room let alone browse the goods comfortably.
Last year it was at a university where it originated.. should have stayed there.
So what were the best highlights?

> Seeing a “transformer” transform !
> The intense *kid* who claimed he perfected Rasengan

> The Inu Yasha and Majin Buu cels that I bought =D
(you can view them in my cel gallery: and )

> Being with ejb (the best part of all)
> a day off from work

meh…. I hope they plan this better next year..

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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