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Character Profile: Kiasun Sol Jewell
Aurora Moon at 7:43AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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The thread of Camilla's Father, Kiasun.

Name: Kiasun Sol Jewell,
Age: roughly 324 years old but has the psychical appearance of an 24 years old.
Psychical traits: Has an sun birthmark on his forehead. pale skin, dark pink eyes and orangish-blond hair. He also appears unintentionally to be very feminine, and thus will often get mistaken as a woman sometimes by strangers. When he was younger, he used to have short hair, even though still a little bit long by male standards. over the years he just let his hair grow, not caring much about the upkeep of his hair other than to keep his hair clean and out of his face. That led to his braided hair look currently.

Personality: Has a very quiet, loner nature. Sometimes withdraws from the “outside world” when he's deeply absorbed in his science and Alchemy research that he practically becomes an hermit. Doesn't have much of an fighting spirit like his daughter has. Although when he feels he has no choice, he will step up and take on enemies if he can. He has an love for studying and discovering new things in his research, which Camilla seemed to have inherited from him. He's very protective of his daughter; both for fatherly reasons, also out of fear that he would lose his daughter to death in some way…because he had lost so many people important to him in the past. When he was younger… how do I put this? He was a little bit of a crybaby and a very clearly inexperienced fighter as you can see in the first chapter. However ever since then he has matured a lot and has learned how to handle weapons very well.

History: He was born in the year 1700, to parents by the names Marie Sol (retired Magical girl) and John Jewell (Gun-maker).
He inherited most of his mother's looks, and in the process didn't intert much of his father's looks. The only thing he interted of his father's was the orangish-blond hair. Growing up, he had an problem with people often mistaking him for an girl, even when he had his hair cut very short at one point. so eventually he just gave up on trying to look “Manly” as possible and instead focused on his interest–Alchemy. He had relationship problems with his Father, who was disappointed with his son not wanting to follow in his footsteps in gun-making. His father also had serious issues with his son's effeminate looks, seeing that his son sometimes attracted both gay and non-gay men and boys despite the fact that Kiasun had done nothing to encourage their attractment to him. His father was an homophobic, you see. And his father was relived when Kiasun revealed that he had fallen in love with the Female Warrior named Karla Lun, and decided that he would like to join her ranks. Kiasun's Father died of the plague disease soon afterward, and Kiasun's mother followed his path days after the event when the Dark Queen had been sealed into an Cross.
soon afterward he just focused on a way to try to make Karla Lun awake up from her coma, but then shifted gears back to his old research on how to gain immortality or at least eternal youth when he realized that he and Karla was getting older as time went by. He found an answer to his research with the help of Rani..
And now in the present day he stays at home as an single full-time father and researcher. He uses Alchemy to create gold in order to pay off his bills.

Got questions about him? post in here. :)
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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