Nightgig Sampler available at Indy Planet.
madscott at 9:08AM, Feb. 12, 2007
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We are happy to be working with Ka-Blam and Indy Planet this year to print the Nightgig sampler book. You can now pick up your copy from the Indy Planet Online store.

Created by NightGig Studios, Chuck Rowles, David Davis, Kevin Hayman, Michael Dean, Hamorage, KC Green, Jen babcock, Zoe Stead & Beth Reeves

44 pages
Black & White

Sampler #2- All monies go to supporting and it’s Member Studios.

NightGig Webcomic Sampler #2 with: A Gods of Arr-Kelaan Ronson story from Chuck Rowles, A Kotas World Story by Kevin Hayman, a Warped story by David Davis as well as comics by KC Green, Michael Dean, and Hamorhage, and Art of Jennifer Babcock, Zoe Stead and Beth Reeves.
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