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SuperDuckyWho at 6:22PM, June 30, 2007
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So… I've become more stupid as the summer's gone on. I left all my art supplies in my room and I can't remember how to change my layout. >_> Well… here's a link to my LJ. I post occasional art on there, in fact I'm more likely to stick it there than here.

Be warned some of it is not work safe, but I'll always place it behind a cut if that's the case. My language is also sometimes less than perfect there as well. >_>

Feel free to come harass me to get more pages up if you want. It might actually motivate me, though this week I'm missing the supplies I need to do the next few comic pages. Bah.

On a plus though, I just won an auction for a drawing tablet, so when I switch styles it'll probably be a lot easier than I originally intended to pump out pages.
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