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SuperDuckyWho at 12:58AM, Feb. 8, 2007
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I have the next page ready to go, as well as the layout for the page after basically done. All I have to do is ink it and color it.

Ubfortunately, I'm waiting until I can get a handle on the format. I've got another new idea for it, as I'm not happy with the Tetris look. It's been driving me nuts so I'm going to play around with some GIFs and such. Might even try some animation stuff… though I'm starting to doubt that I'm fit to handle my own html at the moment. XD We'll see how this goes though.

If I don't get things done that fast, please keep in mind I have college to keep up. Plus I've been sick as a dog recently (excuses excuses…).

Far into the future, I'm going to look into making a separate place for my random art so that it doesn't get in the way of comic flow. ^ ^

Well, I'm off for now,
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