59 ~ V-day part one
Green_Tangerine at 9:53AM, Feb. 8, 2007
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Valentine's special! Also, Bioteddy's long-awaited cameo from the “Name That Demon” contest.


Script - yep
Sketches - yep
Pencils - yep
Inks - yep
Scanned - yep
Panels - yep
Colors - yep
Shading - yep
Backgrounds - yep
Text - yep

Total = 100% complete
ETA = 10-Feb-07
Status = ON TIME!

Page Description ~ Winky has decided that some of the Drunkduck artists (who hopefully don't mind me using their usernames in the strip…) need some lovin'. He hooks up Bioteddy with some sweet emo concert makeouts, and moves on to Kristin, aka Green_Tangerine. For some reason, the arrow just bounces off of her shoulder instead of hitting its mark. Winky then figures he'd better move on up to some more powerful stuff, while Kristin blissfully ignorant, continues to bitch silently about her workday.
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ozoneocean at 7:52PM, Feb. 10, 2007
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Hehehe, and it's a funny one!
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