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Contest Ideas Anyone?
yareufollowingme at 7:25AM, May 24, 2007
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Okay Everyone. We all love this comic. And we wanna help Mika out with coming up with contest ideas. Soooooo…My first thought was a fanfic contest. This is only because she hasn't done one of those before. Feel free to post your thoughts on this…

Everyone go ahead and post your thoughts here. Remember! She'll give you Book II and III if you win the contest!! Who wouldn't want that?! So just go ahead, post contest ideas and let Mika know what you think. ^^
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Bunnysama at 7:44PM, May 29, 2007
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I MADE A FANFIC… Please excuse me though cause I'm internet/forum/drunkduck/everything in this world retarded. Do I put the fanfic here orrrrrrrrrrr I DON'T KNOW! If I have to use html shoot me I don't know how… okay I'll just email it. I do have a contest idea though! I think Mika should have a cute outfit contest! Whoever makes Chu the cutest outfit wins… something I dunno just an idea. :dizzy:
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Mika_yi at 8:25PM, May 29, 2007
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lol hey bunny, you can post it here if you want to. there is an image tag on the tool part at the top you can you just put the link betweent them or e-mail it to nicola. seriouslY i"m trying to find out where she went though..er….
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