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Chapter 3: Black Sheep - Original Dialogue
alejkhan at 10:28PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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This chapter got condensed alot when I tried to get it done quickly! A sacrifice of daily updates. Well, I thought it might be nice to place some of the original scripts I wrote for it that have a bit more extended information.

Originally this part of the story was going to go untold. In the novel format I first wrote the story in, this part was completely skipped over and just mentioned briefly as the Great Ninja Civil War (back when I called the Warring Clansmen “ninja”! I wrote it in like, the 8th or 9th grade…. :P) that Kage single-handedly brought to an end. He became a war hero, but due to strange and mysterious circumstances could never become a Soldier. The story I did tell about his past was about what happened just prior to the Civil War, the story of Kage's first kill, his best friend Mikiyo. That story will actually be told in the comic form in the same place as it was told in the novel.

Anyway, I have to warn you, the following is pretty raw and may be hard to follow. I didn't really bother labeling who says what, nor was I very consistent in mentioning scene changes cause, well, I know what I meant! I'm going to try and make it a bit easier to read by breaking up the posts in some sort of organized fashion.

I do hope you enjoy reading it, if you give it a go.
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alejkhan at 10:29PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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- Keiko makes it the home of Ania Mirame.

Lady Mirame! Lady Mirame!!!!

Oh? Keiko? Why are you so…

It's Kage! He…he… *pant*

Catch your breath, and tell me very carefully, what is going on, Keiko?

I think he's dying…we…we suspected Inkmaster Tensin was part of a plot to start a…a clan war.  We confronted him, but I was frozen.  I was so slow…  Kage! We have to get him help! He's covered in that ink! He killed the inkmaster.  He was going to kill us. We have to help Kage!!

(name) (name), quickly set up the cage in the guest house.

The cage, my Lady? (guys appear suddenly)

Maximum security.

Yes, my Lady. (guys disappear)

Keiko, take me to where Kage is now.

- At the Inkmaster's offices:

He's…he's gone.

And so is the head of Inkmaster Tensin…

But…I don't understand he was…where could he have gone?

I think I can guess. Keiko, go to your father, apprise him of the situation, and remain in the safety of your household. This is going to get ugly.

- at the capitol building

Father…  fatherrrrrr…


There you are father! YOU! Cur, I order you to tell my father what you and those bastards have been plotting!


Kage? What is the meaning of this?!

You see father, the Fujima and Shaedo are planning a coup as we speak! They amass their armies while we are made weak by are dwindling numbers. But fear not father, I will not let them harm you or our city. I must go now, but please, remain here in safety!


What in the…?

Koji! Koji you idiot! Didn't you stop him!!?

Ania! What's going on? Kage just…

He's been poisoned by the ink, Koji! He's spiraling into madness! We have to contain him before it's too late!

That can't be!

You saw him didn't you?!

Yes, he…
Shit! Guards! Follow my son! Bring him back here immediately but avoid making physical contact with him if you can. He's tainted.
…Y-yes sir! (bunch of guys fly off)

- Meanwhile Kage is running with the head

So, they are there are they? In the Shaedo household, are they? One foot in the grave are they? Hahaha…hahahahahaha!

- Guys catch up to him

Lord Kage! Please stop and come with…

GAH! KYAHH!!! Guys getting killed.
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alejkhan at 10:31PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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- Finally arriving at Shaedo household

Tonight we will finally cleanse this city of the impure clans! Those who have mixed their flesh with the mage shall be punished! We shall take rightful control of this city!! We…!

People start dying.

Kage…Mirame? -Jaka Fujima

Yo, Jaka. How's Mikiyo? Is he well? I haven't seen him in a while. Is he mad at me or something? I thought we were friends…

Mirame!!! Are you mocking me?? You murdering bastard!

Ha..HAHAHA! Who's what now? Murdering bastard…murdering bastard. Yeah I can handle that. I think I can even grow to like that… Yeah. That's me. Murdering bastard. Mmm…

Insta-kills Jaka

- Koji, Ania, Mitsumis, Mirames all show up in big army and find the place a slaughter house. Kage is holding the heads of both clan leaders and inkmaster's is also near by.

K-kage…what have you done?

Good gods, they really were amassing an army. Look at these armaments!

Kage, you killed all of them?

Kage! Kage answer me!!!

Kage stands up draws his sword and rushes at his father. Mother steps in and knocks the shit out of him.
Fade to black, then slowly to a cage.

NOTE: I had forgotten I intended for Kage to attack his family and friends. Oh well.
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alejkhan at 10:32PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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(keiko) It's all my fault. It's all my fault. Why couldn't I move? Why…why did he have to save me? If it wasn't for me he would…he would…..

(Ania) Keiko. You should go home and get some rest. You sitting here crying isn't helping anything.

But lady mirame! I… I just want to help him.

No one can help him now, but himself.

What do you mean?

Do you know what the ink is, Keiko?

No, that's forbidden to…

The blood of demons.


NOTE: This is the extended and slightly different explanation of the Ink and may contain interesting clues!

The River Sethenin, far to the north, flows with the blood of demons. Long ago the Ancient Ones did battle with a demon army there, they were outnumbered, they were losing, that was until a man appeared as if from no where and slaughtered the demons by the hundreds. The Ancients rallied their troops and finished off those the mysterious slayer left behind. When they went to thank the slayer, they discovered to their horror that he too was a demon. Perhaps, he was of a rival army, they didn't care, they forgot their gratitude and overwhelmed the slayer, killing him and tossing his body into the river along with the thousands upon thousands of demons killed that day. Over time the river bed absorbed those decaying bodies, and their blood turned the river black.

Then years later, the Tensin traveled on a expedition to the north lands. There a man discovered the strange black river and went to examine it. The instant he thrust his hand into the waters, the man went mad. His hand and arm grew black like the river, and his strength and powers increased exponentially. He attacked his fellow clansmen and many died trying to stop him. Many men would call the river cursed and forbid anyone to go to that place again. But not the Tensin, no, they were always masters of warfare and they knew a weapon when they saw one. They spent years of study, trying to determine the right amount of that water and earth in order to make a man stronger without him going berserk. And in the end they found the way to harness that river's powers… the powers of the demons who died there.


Demons do not die so easily and their life force is still very strong in their blood. A drop of ink is a part of some demon, or perhaps parts of many demons all mixed together in a giant soup of decay. When one touches that drop the life force of those demons tries to regain life. It tries to take over your mind and your body. If the amount is too little, a human mind will crush the demons entirely, completely rejecting them. If just right, the human mind will consume the demons and make them their own. IF too much, the human mind will surely be overcome and go mad, like that first Tensin to ever come across that river. Just like Kage, now who has been saturated with the ink.

Right now, Kage must fight for dominance over his mind and body against countless, powerful demons who are ravenously clinging to any life they can regain.

So you see, Keiko, this is Kage's fight. We can only pray to the gods that his will to live is stronger than those demons.

…by the gods. Why…why would anyone subject themselves to that,just for a little bit of power?

That's why, your average person, even initiates, have no idea what the ink really is.
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alejkhan at 10:36PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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NOTE: An extended scene of Kage's internal battle. Includes more interactions with the mysterious dark figure.

In side the cage, slowly closing in on kage's eyes and then inside the blackness
There is a dark space with bodies on the ground, kage is in the center of a circle and there are countless monsters attacking him, he fights and fights, starting to grow tired.
In the background there is one demon waiting and watching the scene.

Kage: (Panting) … No more. No more…

Mysterious inner voice: Don't stop now Kage, no rest. Don't tell me your tired after this little work out? Come on man, get yourself together. Fight. Keep fighting.

Kage falls to the ground panting: no more. I can't.


A shadow creeps over Kage, it's the demon who was watching before: So, you've reached your limit. That's good. That makes things much easier for me. Thanks for killing all those bastards for me. Spending an eternity with them has been hell. HAHAHAHAH

Kage:  …no…more…

Back outside the cage, Keiko is passed out on the ground. A noise is heard and she wakes up startled to find herself alone in the room with Kage. She looks to the cage and sees him with his hands holding the bars and him looking at her kindly.

Keiko: Kage? Kage are you…?

Kage: Keiko, thank goodness you're all right. I couldn't really remember if you were ok after I pushed you out of the way of the ink… You are ok aren't you?

Keiko runs to the cage and places her hands on his: oh Kage, you idiot! Why'd you have to go and do such a stupid thing! Didn't I tell you not do involve me?

Kage: involve you?

Keiko: …what your brother said…you didn't have to risk your life to save someone like me.

Kage: …it's ok, Keiko. I'm fine now. Everythingâ's just fine now.

Keiko: oh kage…

Kage: …would you, let me out now?

Keiko: Ah! Of course! I'm sorry. Here.
Keiko unlocks the cage and Kage slowly comes out.
Keiko hugs him and starts crying. Kage slowly wraps his arms around her too. She's startled and starts to back away:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so…

Kage: I don't mind. Not at all. You know up close you're quite attractive.

Keiko: wha…?

Kage: not that it matters much. I haven't had a human woman in centuries!

Keiko's scream is muffled as Kage thrusts her to the ground and rips off some of her clothes with a clawed hand.

Keiko: Kage! Whatâ…what's happening?!

Kage: attractive, but not very smart. Your Kage is quite dead. And very soon you'll join him in the pit of his belly.
-kage licks Keiko's face: mm…virgin flesh… The beast drools as he brings his clawed hand up to strike at her heart.

Keiko screams: Kage!!

For a moment the beast hestitates then suddenly Ania barges into the room and punches him with epic force back inside the cage leaving a huge dent on the other side. She runs over there and twists the chains back around crushing them together to lock up.

NOTE: oh yeah, the prison went through some changes when I realized I would not enjoy drawing many prison bars….
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alejkhan at 10:37PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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She runs over to Keiko: Keiko! You idiot! You let it out?!!

Keiko sobs:  but he…he was…

Ania:( sigh) Are you unhurt?

Keiko: I'm alright.

Ania: that thing in there is not Kage. Couldn't you see that? Kage is most likely lost to us now, for good.

Keiko: NO! that's not true! He's still in there. I know it! I-I know it.

Ania: Come on, let's get you home.

Back in the blackness, Kage sits huddled in a corner, he's frightened, exhausted.

No more…no more… I can't.

MIV: you really don't have it in you to kill this one piece of shit? Well, I suppose you've done pretty well. 99 demons is an accomplishment. There are not many who could achieve that. You should be proud of yourself, Kage.

Demon: oh? You're still hiding out somewhere, human? I thought you realized it was time to give up on this pathetic life of yours…

Who the fuck are you?

MIV: I really didn't want to have to intervene like this, but you see, I've got a lot invested in this kid, if he were to die now, it'd put me in a difficult position.

Demon: you bastard, this body is mine! I earned this! I'm finally free again and I won't let anything stand in my way!!

MIV: you were smart to wait for him to kill off all the impatient idiots for you, I'll give you credit for that. But this body belongs to US.

Demon totally explodes instantly.

MIV: sorry kid, but since I killed him, you don't get his powers. Anyway, you can let your guard down, everything's alright now.

Kage: alright? Bullshit!  everything's…

NOTE: A much different death for the doggy demon. I prefer the change to him being casually picked up and eaten, but I do miss the extended dialogue.
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alejkhan at 10:39PM, Nov. 5, 2008
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Back to the real world. Ania has come and is peering into the cage, she opens the door. There's a strange dark shadow where there shouldn't be, it's very unnatural. Kage's eyes are bright, his right has gone a strange opaque.

Ania: Kage, you're alive.

Kage: how do you know that, mother?

Ania: I'm your mother, I know you. No matter how you may change, I know you.

Kage: …

NOTE: This was the original ending of the chapter that I decided to move to a more fitting place at the end of a coming chapter. So, if you read this, it's like a sneak peek!

Months have passed. Outside near the city gates Kage is saying good bye to his family.

Lin: thank you for doing this Kage.

Kage: …

Lin: bring him back, one way or the other…

Kage: I'll do my best.

Good bye mother, father.


Keiko breaks the formalities and hugs Kage.
Keiko whispers into his ear: when you leave town, only a day's journey from here is a small town, it looks rundown at first, but at night there are gambling halls, brothels, bathhouses…

Kage: why are you telling me this?

Keiko: before you try and find your brother's body, go and buy yourself 10 women and get completely drunk and smoke yourself into a daze and…and…just have some fun.

Kage: …you're so weird.

She releases him from her hug and smiles.

Keiko: you'll need it, you idiot.
Good bye Kage! Come back home soon!

Keiko waves good bye as the rest leave solemnly. Ania laughs and waits for Keiko.

Ania: so Keiko, are you ready for your training?

Keiko: yes, Lady Mirame, I want to become stronger…

Ania: good.
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