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The Caste System
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CASTE: World Capitol

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary or appointed.

LOCATION: World Capitol

DESCRIPTION: The political body that runs the world dominated by humans. They developed the caste system, and organize and regulate their members. The World Capitol also commands the Messenger Hawk system of communication.

Ambassadors from every caste must be sent to the World Capitol four times a year (generally at the beginning of each season).

Special Councils may be held to deal with specific issues in a timely manner. For example, a Special War Council is being held to determine the course of the current war against the Demons from the Northlands.

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary. Cannot marry into the caste. Although, there is a means by which the Blood may be passed from a Mage to a non-Mage. This method is rarely used and is a highly guarded secret.

LOCATION: Kengo Va, World Capitol

DESCRIPTION: Descendents of the Ancient Ones, inheritors of the Blood, keepers of Arcane Knowledge. Mage are considered the elite of the elite.

They are often associated with the Priest caste as their home, Kengo Va, is also the location of the Temple of the Twelve Gods of Fire.

Though extremely xenophobic, Mage provide the majority of the world's medical relief and are often consultants to the World Capitol.
CASTE: Warring Clans

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary. Outsiders may marry into a clan (and in turn the Caste).

LOCATION: Kadal, Kannan, Itsu Va, World Capitol, All around the world.

DESCRIPTION: The Warring Clans are the World's military force, although they act more like mercenaries and will fight for the highest bidder. The Warring Clans often determine the political climate of the world depending upon for whom they choose to fight.

Previous generations fought to destroy the Ancients or quell Outcaste rebellions for the World Capitol. These days, they work for the World Capitol or individual towns hire them to protect them from the demon armies.

The Sue, Ijid, and (formerly) Hidden Clans acted as the “special forces” for the World Capitol as spies and assassins.

MEMBERSHIP: Must graduate from Capitol University, register in World Capitol for Sage status and research grants/assignments.

LOCATION: World Capitol, All around the world.

DESCRIPTION: The educated elite perform special research projects for the World Capitol, engage in scientific discovery and scholarly pursuits.

They run the world's libraries or “Sage's Temples” as they are commonly known. They also provide secular educations to those willing to learn.
CASTE: Tribunal

MEMBERSHIP: Chosen by World Capitol amongst the various Castes and non-castes.

LOCATION: World Capitol, dispatched around the world.

DESCRIPTION: Enforcers of Moral Justice and the Laws of the World Capitol.
CASTE: Merchant

MEMBERSHIP: Must register in the World Capitol for Merchant status.

LOCATION: World Capitol, Corthiuse, Bado'In (formerly), All around the world.

DESCRIPTION: Merchants are those who deal in the distribution and sale of goods and property. Merchants are highly regulated by the World Capitol to ensure a fair marketplace.

Merchants control and police the trade routes and the shipping industry. Thus, port towns like Corthiuse are predominantly under Merchant control.
CASTE: Priest

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary or Earned through rigorous apprenticeship with another of the Priestly Caste.

LOCATION: World Capitol, Kengo Va, All around the world.

DESCRIPTION: The Priests include all levels of religious figures of Capitol-recognized religions: the worship of the Twelve Gods of Fire or the worship of the Three Sisters.

Priests provide places of worship, provide religious education to those willing to learn, as well as, provide relief to people in need.
CASTE: Outcaste

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary.

Caste can be renounced by an individual or individual may be banished from their Caste by the World Capitol or Caste Elders.

LOCATION: Mythos, All around the world.

DESCRIPTION: All those who have been deemed unworthy of a formerly held caste status, permanently marked as taboo members of society.

A large group of Outcaste have gathered in Mythos to form a revolutionary army outside the control of the World Capitol.
CASTE: Non-castes


LOCATION: All around the world. Predominantly Western Continent.

DESCRIPTION: Everyone who is not already hereditarily part of a caste is “non-caste.”

They may choose to remain a normal member of society or try and enter into a caste.

Many are the farmers and artisans that provide the necessities of life.
CASTE: Ancient Ones

MEMBERSHIP: Hereditary.

LOCATION: World Capitol

DESCRIPTION: Though not really a caste per se…

Known, pure-blood Ancient Ones (those with absolutely no Human ancestors) must register with the World Capitol.

There are only 13 such people registered to date, when once they dominated the world as “The First Race”. The Ancient Ones are kept in the World Capitol as valuable sources of information. There is one notorious pure-blood who is “unregistered” and a known associate of the Three Demon Brothers, named Ejah El.
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