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Map of the Eastern Continent
alejkhan at 10:45PM, Feb. 11, 2007
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I am now going to explain the World.

Here is a partial map of the world - the Eastern Continent to be precise. The majority of the story takes place on this half of the globe, though we do move to the Western Continent in later tales.

Some important locations:

The cities on this side of the world are either built on top of, or are simply reclaimed cities that were once inhabited by the Ancient Ones. Kengo-Va and Itsu-Va, founded as sister cities, are exceptions to that rule.

Mage Cities

Kengo-Va is the only Mage city in the East. Unless you have “the blood,” you are not permitted to enter the city gates. It is currently the northernmost city that is still within the control of humans. Kengo-Va is also the site of the Temple of the Twelve Gods of Fire, which is open to worshipers twice a year, as well as the training grounds for the Disciplehood to the Gods.

Warring Clans Cities

Itsu-Va is a Warring Clans city dominated by the Mirame, Mitsumi, Shaedo, and Fujima households. Under the control of the Mirame, the city is slowly but surely becoming more open to other clans and peoples, even to the point of reinstating the 400 year old treaty with Kengo-Va. However, there is a good deal of opposition to the Mirame by the former ruling household, the Shaedo. Itsu-Va is the most politically powerful of the Warring Clans cities.

Kadal is a Warring Clans city dominated by the Tensin and the remnants of the Maya households. The Tensin are expert strategists and are most famous for their exploration and excavation of the River Sethenin over 500 years ago. The Maya are most famous for their violence and their near destruction by Dentain Maya.

Kannan is a Warring Clans city dominated by the Sue, Ijid, and formerly the Hidden households. The Hidden had a monopoly on the assassinations and espionage trade until the Sue usurped that position by joining with the Ijid and decimating the Hidden. The few Hidden that survived the coup have relocated to Pidarth town.

The River Sethenin is the foremost holy site to the Warring Clans. (See upcoming chapter 3 for more info.) It is located in the cold northern lands, which are generally uninhabited, but for a few cities closer to the south that are now overrun by demons. A special ink is extracted from the river bed for use in a sacred ceremony.

Sage Cities

Ran-Reddak is a special Sage City, comprised of scholars from around the world. They all gathered there for one purpose: studying the Star Mouth, a bizarre whirlpool like phenomenon that some say was caused by a star falling from the sky. It is now overrun by demons.

Jedda, though more like a transients' town, it was in fact home to a large population of scholars doing research in the mountains. It is now overrun by demons.

Free Cities: Cities that are without caste or clan restrictions.

Bado'in is a merchant city that acted as a trade bridge between the northern and southern halves of the Eastern Continent. The island was destroyed and taken over by demons not long ago.

Saga is populated by…aspiring mages, this city was recently abandoned after Bado'in was overrun.

Corthiuse is a port town. Anyone (officially) coming from the Western Continent to the East lands here first.

There is nothing much special about Genza, though it is rumored to be connected to the rebels in Mythos.

Mythos is home to the Academy, a rebel breeding ground where people from all castes have come together to pool their resources and create an army of magic wielding warriors.
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ozoneocean at 10:03AM, Feb. 13, 2007
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Ah ha! You need better links to these things…
Alej Web-Design power GO!
Anyway, this is great and it'll be a good comic resource. Much easier to use than making new web pages for wholes feature. ;)
Still, better links from the templates would be good.
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SilverWordz at 5:08PM, July 9, 2007
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I'm thoroughly impressed with the depth and detail you've put into this. I'm pretty sure I'll be referring back to this from time to time.
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alejkhan at 6:21PM, July 9, 2007
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Well thanks much, SilverWordz! Glad this will be of some use.
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