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Why I like this comic.
alejkhan at 11:16AM, Sept. 20, 2007
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Here is an archive of all the comics I've ‘reviewed’!

13-19 Why I like this comic

And on yet another installment of Why I like this comic, I present to you, for your review reading enjoyment, Danielle Dark. Now, I have always been a fan of the vampire, and I plan on becoming one someday (if it is a viable and reasonable form of immortality). So, I'm always going to look at a comic that has vampires involved in it. Most vampire comics leave something to be desired, but Danielle Dark is some classy stuff. It has a wonderful “pop-art” style, a gorgeous main character with amazing hair (Seriously, is that a benefit of becoming a vampire? Because, my hair needs some help.) Furthermore, it is excellently written and seems to have a great story to tell. So, go, my friends, grab your crosses and your garlic cloves, but they will do you no good. Just read Danielle Dark.

13-17 Why I like this comic.

Ah…Killing Demons. Perhaps it's a bit cliche, but there's nothing like a hot guy with long black hair in a nice suit dealing with (and often dispatching) demons of all sorts. The art in this comic is pretty fabulous and the story is quite compelling. Go on, check out Killing Demons, and don't forget your protective wards.

13-15 Why I like this comic.

Say the word “mythology” and you'll probably conjure up images of ancient greek gods or maybe even classic american folktales like Paul Bunyan, but lately I start to think of Hurrocks Fardel. Why? Because, it is one of those very few comics that has an amazingly detailed and well conceived mythology to back up a fabulously told story. The art is pretty fabulous, too. Go check it out, Hurrocks Fardel.

13-13 Why I like this comic.

Haven't done one of these in a while, have I? So here is Locoma! This comic is a strange one. I feel like, when I'm reading it, someone has opened up their brain and let me in to take a look. A very fun part of this comic is how the artist experiments with different styles, I think, almost each page. And it isn't annoying! It actually fits the theme of the comic quite nicely. Go figure! And go check out Locoma, won't you?

13-7 Why I like this comic.

Elder Star! You ever see that anime Slayers? Well, Elder Star is a lot like that, both in style and in subject. Cute, ambitious and powerful sorceress plus questionably intelligent, but highly skilled swordsman equals a rockin' good time! It's a very slick comic, highly amusing. If you don't read it, you'll probably be cursed by some unholy troll wizard magic or something, which would explain the boils……I really need to catch up with my reading of Elder Star.

13-5 Why I like this comic.

Almost forgot to do this! Well Echzeon. I have no idea what this word means, BUT what ever it is, tt is freakin' awesome. Actually, I think it's the name of the guy who leads the random army that's fighting something but I'm not sure for what exactly they are fighting. Though, at the moment they aren't so much fighting as they are still in training…still, there's a badass swordswoman with a mysterious past, great action sequences, awesome manga-ish art. It's basically just cool, and you should read it. Go forth and read Echzeon!

13-3 Why I like this comic.

Damn, I'm forgetting which comics I've already linked here. Ok, how's about Deadpill. AshleeS is a great artist, and I think she's only 14 or 15 years old too! That's pretty awesome in and of it self. The comic Deadpill is way cool. It's a bit of a love story, a bit of a morality tale (Be careful who or what you kill!), and a bit of an action story. There's some crazy supernatural stuffs going on here and a lot of mystery to match it. Seriously, think twice before you kill a spider, and also go read Deadpill.

13-1 Why I like this comic.

The Path is a gorgeous piece of work. Amazing inking skills, wonderfully creative, dark and twisted story that takes legends of all sorts and mixes'em all together to make something truly engrossing. As i've said before, I've got a soft spot for mythology, and this comic really takes it to a whole new level. Please go read The Path, because if you don't, I'm afraid the world will be doomed.

12-19 Why I like this comic.

Terran Sandz is way cool. I don't normally like aliens after a bad experience of watching the Alien movies as a young and impressionable youth, but this is an exception. The art is phenomenal, such a great retro feel. The story nice and not too convoluted, but with a nice dash of mystery, and the characters complex and designed with flair.
The robot overlords command you check out
Terran Sandz before they self-destruct.

12-17 Why I like this comic.

Deus Ex Machina is my kinda comic. I'm a big sucker for mythology, particularly of the Norse variety, and I'm a big sucker for fun, manga-styled comics. The art is very pleasing, the story totally fun, and…well, Loki. That about sums it up. I have a feeling this comic is going to good places in the future. The all mighty Thor highly suggests you visit Deus Ex Machina. Feel his thundery wrath!

12-15 Why I like this comic.

Try Everything Once is a super fun comic, with super fun art and super fun writing. Man, it's just really super fun. It's got aliens and fantasy and a rockin' cover-band. It's a comic with lots of style and flair, and a real intelligence to its comedy. Yeah, if you are looking for a good time call 555-Try Everything Once. Ask for Walter.

12-13 Why I like this comic.

I forget if I did one last for thursday's update. Anyway, le'see…right,you should go read God of Destruction because it has very nice art and a clever and sinister plot! It's a “chosen one” story that feels fresh and interesting with a nice bit of tragedy, depravity and conspiracy to spice it up! Indeed, you should go read God of Destrucion. I so command it!

12-9 Why I like this comic.

Too Bitter for Words and The Adventures of Castrating Bitch Girl. Too Bitter for Words contains many funny and super cynical comic strips and philosophical monologues, that'll definitely appeal to the depressed over-thinker within. Castrating Bitch Girl is a complete short story contained within the website that is absolutely marvelous. I think it would make for a great “independent” film. A very intense read that should definitely make you stop and think about your existence.
So, check it out, friends: The Adventures of Castrating Bitch Girl

12-7 Why I like this comic.

On yet another installment of “why I like this comic,” I bring you Akniatt. It is by Mina Lunga, who also currently does two other comics that I will get to at another time. I actually don't remember much about Akniatt, but when I think of it I'm left with the impression that it was brilliant. I also remember crying after finishing reading it. (Yes, it's a finished story.) It's that good. The writing is superb, she's a fabulous story teller, that Mina. I think just about every character is completely tragic, too. So, that's why I like this comic.
Go, go check it out. Akniatt

12-5 Why I like this comic.

Fated Feather! Why do I like it, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It has an obviously epic and well conceived story, the art isn't the most professional but it has character and detail, and it actually fits the story. I feel like I'm reading an old manuscript of an ancient romance when I'm reading it. I also like it because I want to know what the heck is happening!
Go check it out, yo. Fated Feather

12-3 Why I like this comic.

On this week's installment, I give you Two Moons. Why do I like it? Well, the art is very interesting, brown/grey tones, very atmospheric. The characters are varied and complicated and the world they live in is almost as mysterious as they are. Also, the creator, Jenshin seems a very fun and nice person, who is very dedicated to her story - it definitely shows in the quality of the thing.
Go check out Two Moons, ye scurvy dogs.

12-1 Why I like this comic.
Starting NOW, I'm going to be giving a short review of a comic on my favorites list, I think one every week ought to be good. Although I have a recommended comics section on my homepage, I doubt many people click any of them cause they are just a list of unattractive blue letters on a grey background. And how many people are honestly going to the homepage first? Anyway, here's my first “why I like this comic.”

Nightmistress - I choose this one first because it's at the top of my favorites list as I type this as the most recently updated.

Why do I like this comic? It appeals to the goth highschooler in me. It's romantic, sexy, cliched, contains vampires, has cute drawing style, and quite humorous. I also actually care about what happens to the characters and want to find out where their relationships end up. It's easy to get into, a quick read, you don't have to think too hard but you can if you want to.

See, that wasn't so hard! These ‘reviews’ are literally going to be my reasons for why I read the thing, nothing fancy. Go check out Nightmistress!
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