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Elijah - He was created as the leader of the Fiery Angel Host. Basically any time the bible mentions God raining down fire, it was these guys. Elijah abhorred violence, ensuring his Host's power would never be used except in the most dire of circumstances. Now Elijah works as one of the duellists; an angel and demon pair that duel over souls destined equally for both Heaven and Hell. Elijah is polite and generous, but years of living with a demon have soured him a bit, and he's gradually becoming more and more sarcastic. He shares a sinful relationship with Amaliel which, though founded in lust, grew to be a loving, caring relationship. While he seems peaceful, he remains one of the most powerful angels, with skills growing only sharper with regular duels against Azuu.

Azuu - Born to one of Satan's favored concubines, his father saw immediate potential in him, and took him on as a favored son, raising the boy personally. While never becoming particularly brilliant (a trait mostly gained from his mother) Azuu excelled in battle, and was quite good at games of skill. Being among the chosen sons of Satan, Azuu's strength is on par or greater than even very powerful angels (a rare trait among demons). These skills made him the ideal choice for the second of the duellists, though his irresponsible attitude puts his occupation in jeopardy from time to time. He has had an on-again/off-again relationship with Fraja for centuries, normally interrupted by Azuu's infidelity (partly due to him being half-incubus). Things seem to have balanced out between them of late, especially after Fraja gave birth to Azuu's first son, Jasomet.

Fraja - The daughter of two very prominent demons in Satan's army, Fraja was raised by her father as something of a protégé. Raised to her father's strict demands, she is a perfectionist, and very demanding of others. Her greatest intolerance is towards stupidity, which raises the question of why she's dating Azuu in the first place (a question usually raised by Fraja herself). Despite her complaints, her relationship with Azuu runs deep, and is symbolized by the x-shaped scar on Azuu's cheek, which Fraja gave him and he keeps, despite the ability to heal it. She dislikes both her parents immensely, though shares a close relationship with her brother Frantz. She values her child, Jasomet, deeply, even though she had been hoping for a daughter.

Frantz - Fraja's gay, older brother. He was stationed in France for several centuries, so he speaks French as his native language. While Fraja was raised by their father, he was raised by their mother, who has a very different outlook on life. Raised in a “free love” environment, Frantz is very relaxed and, until recently, thought of sex as a casual thing. This all changed when he met Zock, whom he fell head over heels in love with. He's not particularly skilled in any useful field, and doesn't really have any sort of job at the moment.

Zock - Azuu's bisexual, younger brother. Left to his own devices, for the most part, as a youth, he grew up idolizing his older brother and seemed to resign himself to a life of lower-tier status (despite the obvious advantages of being a prince of Hell). Shy and weak, Zock found himself infatuated with Azuu's strong, intelligent girlfriend Fraja. This crush lasted for perhaps centuries, until he eventually convinced his father to pull some strings to get Zock assigned as an apprentice to Fraja's father on Earth (in order to get close to Fraja). While there he found himself seduced instead by Fraja's mother (who looked nearly identical to her daughter anyway), though he was unsatisfied with essentially being her plaything. Fraja's Dad pushed him both mentally and physically, despite Zock's poor work ethic and negative opinion of himself. Zock found true happiness when on a business trip to Hell, where he met Fraja's brother Frantz (who he was initially attracted to just because he looked so much like Fraja; even to the point that Zock mistook him for a woman).
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