Technical/Aesthetic Questions
KomradeDave at 12:56PM, Feb. 22, 2007
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1. Why does this look so rough?
Due to quality issues involved with the South Coloradan, I decided to do more digital art (the paper's printing process, of which I know very little, makes analog inking look like shit for some reason). When trying out various methods of inking I found that MSPaint provides the shaggy, “Amateur Hour” look that I wanted the comic to have.

2. Why are some strips much bigger than others?
Once again it has to do with the South Coloradan. While many of the staff have expressed very positive feelings for PFTS, it was made clear to me from the beginning that my comic was mainly a space filler to help them stretch the paper out to how ever many pages they were shooting for that particular week. Slow news weeks recieved bigger strips that would take up more space in the paper. That way they wouldn't have to be made bigger, which would result in a strip of lower visual quality.

3. Why is your black character (Jordan) the same color as the rest of the cast?
If you look you'll notice that there is no shading on almost any strips. This includes skin tones. The strip is usually done in monochrome so it will look better in print.

4. Why do you use default fonts in your comics?/I have a great font site for you…
I have plenty of fonts I assure you. As previously stated this comic has always been meant to look a little amateurish, default fonts (especially Comic Sans) are great for this.

5. Why are your characters so static?
Once I started getting printed at the college, the focus moved more toward news commentary. I toyed with various ways of doing this, including a news desk (was too much like Weekend Update) and adventures based around news stories (was too much like South Park). After trying out a few with the then editor of the paper we settled on two guys talking, which is where the comic had started out.
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