Any ideas for the comic.

Send a custom made page.
Nintendude at 8:24AM, March 24, 2007
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If you in the mood to make a page allowing me to post it on the comic.
then here is the place for you.
make a comic page and send it to me here, or in a PQ.
remember the rules.
Rules are : nintendo related comic, make sure people will be able to get the joke, have the page less than seven pages.
also remember it can be ANY nintendo game.
AWESOME MAN! Here to make the day more AWESOME…..MAN!
Dun dun dun awesomeman AWESOME MANNN!
*repeats until your head explodes*
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mario at 8:45AM, April 1, 2007
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Here meets new.PNG
Mario is good but not as good as Luigi!(Not really…)
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