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Stats for 4/27/07 @ 19:46
kaminari at 4:49PM, April 27, 2007
posts: 489
joined: 3-10-2006
Curently, Narou has 86 people faving it which usually steadily increases by at least 2 or 3 an update. Narou broke its low readership trend of less than 200 on update days with the last update on 4/23/07 when it reached 450 with a steady stream of 200+ in the following days. Just after the update, the comic was ranked #153 up from around #269.
Narou starting Chapter 2 was also mentioned in today's main page News post by Skoolmunkee.
“kaminari's Narou has just started Chapter 2 at about 30 pages! (Plus bonus stuff!)”

Comic Stats:
Comic launched on: 03-11-2006
DrunkDuck Rank: #166 in Comic Book/Story #240 Overall
Total Pageviews: 32,500
Biggest single day: 600 on 1/3/2007
Average Pageviews per day: 87
Total Comments: 424
Average comments per page: 8.48

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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