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Creating the Concept for Narou [May Contain Spoilers]
kaminari at 6:34PM, April 20, 2007
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In early 2000, I drew a bizarre creature. It was a big wolf monster with a man protruding out of his abdomen. I showed it to a friend of mine named Jovitz (not his real name ;-p) and we discussed the possibility of making a story together where this thing was the main character/hero. We wanted to make it a stereotypical fantasy story where you had a ragtag group of races get together and go up against a common enemy plaguing the world. So we created characters and plot, but at some point, Jovitz complained I was going too fast for him and deciding way too much on my own, so he quit. I think he was pretty mad because I insisted on using a certain design for the evil dragon lord.

With that fizzled, I took one of the characters that I decided to call Narou and started designing him for a story that could take place AFTER what we were trying to do.
I wanted to do something that was just a bunch of fun adventures and paired him up with a little girl, that dragon Jovitz hated, and two squabbling rivals with their own stories (Zanzah and Fehlix); one who is obsessed with the original story and wants to be the next big hero, and one who is fueled by desires of revenge..

FINALLY, in 2004 I started dabbling in actually making a comic after my first attempt, Warui, crashed and burned.

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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