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Who is Kaminari anyway?
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Hi everyone!

My name is Heather Barnhart
I am 26 years old and female.
I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama.
I have a degree from the University of South Alabama in International Studies with Relations as my study focus and a double major in foreign languages with my specialty in German, but I have also done studies for Japanese.

Currently, I work for Broward County in the Aviation Department (BCAD) at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. My title is Airside Operations Senior Agent which I was promoted to in November from working in Gate Control. Basically, I patrol the ramp, oversee construction, and inspect the airfield to ensure that tenant employees are following the rules and that the field is safe and compliant with FAA's Part 139 regulations on airfield standards (markings, pavement, signs, etc).
In short, I get to drive down runways in a car! Weee!
Im pretty happy with this job.. I mean, most guys who do this have a Masters degree in Airport Management and are pilots. I didnt even know what Part 139 was.. BUT I SHOWED LEARNING INITIATIVE!! *thumbs up*

Random stuff from my profile:

Fave Color: Blue
I also like purple a lot, but Blue is slightly better.
Fave Person: ejb
One day, Im gonna marry him! *dreamy*
Fave Drink: Cherry Coke
I do believe I am drinking it right now! Caffeine is good for that midnight shift.
Fave Alcohol: Strongbow Dry Cider
I got hooked on this when I lived in Germany, but they topped selling it here!
Fave Cocktail: Pina Colada
Ohhhh, if I didnt have to work tonight, I'd make on now. Coconuts!
Fave Food: Cheese
Everything tastes better with cheese on. Im liking Sargento's Chipolte Chedder.
Fave Candy: Altoids Citrus Sours
Fave Cake: Carrot
Or Carrot cheesecake.. Thats one combination that wins me over!
Fave Bands: Pierrot, Janne da Arc, No Regret Life, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Manowar
One thing I like about Iron Maiden and Manowar is that they like to tell stories with their music. Manowar especially is all fantasy, warrior heroes stuff, but their lyrics can be really silly, lol.
Fave Shows: Simpsons, South Park
I LOVE Trey Parker of South Park which I watch a lot. He amuses me to no end! His movies are the best too! I loved Cannibal, Orgazmo, and Team America.
As for the Simpsons, I watched it religiously up until about '99 then I just didnt like where it was going. But I still watch the seasons before that like crazy and can quote just about any of them. In fact, I have season 6 dvd 4 on in the background now.
Fave Games: Chrono Trigger, Lunar and Lunar 2, Breath of Fire 2
Nothing compares to the classics!
Fave Movie: A Clockwork Orange
The dialog with the great language is what makes this so especially awesome.
Fave Monster: Werewolves
Something about humans becoming beastly monsters has fascinated me since I was a kid. It makes me sad that there are so few good werewolf stories. Too much vampire crap out there these days. I hate vampires now because they are so overused and glorified. I also like to draw demons like cute little Kami! But if I decide to ever continue Lament of Lycidas, you'll see some of my more detailed demon characters that existed in my mind for about 10 years now. I also like dragons! yaaay dragons!
Fave Character: Narou
Well, I liek them all, but right now Im focused on Narou and his many layers.
Fave Machine: Airplanes
There's something pretty damn amazing about 20,000 tons of steel being able to fly up into the air in seconds.

As if you couldnt tell, I love anime and was obviously influenced by it. Ive been addicted to it since 1995 when I started buying the few titles that were out at the time, like Devilman, Tenchi, Zenki, etc. I think I accumulated around 1000 anime VHS and DVDs over the years, but now I usually download the fansubs. So, yeah, Ive seen a lot and a lot of stuff when it was brand new.
Currently, Im watching: Death Note, Kekkaishi, Romeo x Juliet, Nodame Cantabile, Toward the Terra, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Claymore, Naruto Shippuden, Jigoku Sensei Nube, Darker than Black, and a slew of others that are NOT screaming “Watch Me NOW!”.
I dont read too much manga. I only own a couple in English like a one Hikaru no Go, a couple of Prince of Tennis, one Cromartie High, and one Peacemaker Kurogane, but I have that entire manga series in Japanese. I also have all of Zenki, Violinist of Hameln, and Ushio to Tora in Japanese.
I used to have some really old Rumiko Takahashi domestic releases back before they started releasing the books and they were like normal comics. I had a few Ranma and Mermaid's Scar like that.

I also collect anime production cels!
My large collection gallery can be viewed here:
I got addicted to that and it got me into a lot of trouble financially, so I dont really collect anymore. I started wanting cels that were like $300 or more. I even have two that were over $1000. See if you can guess which ones! (hint: IY, RK)
Cels, to me, are like the ultimate item for a fan to own since it is an actual piece of the animation.

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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