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Okay, let's get started. x3

So, welcome to RAID's own forum on DrunkDuck! In this thread, I'll post news and a brief description of the current plot. Obviously, these will change as the comic progresses:


Seven years ago, a War between the humans and mutants tore the land apart. Mutants, a cross between humans and the animal species Daivels, succeeded, resulting in the total annihilation of the human race.


Andrew Markus Hawkeye, one of the last remaining humans, shunned and wanted dead by society, and his companions fight to survive in a world in which they are despised, and journey to find the last humans.

…or, at least, they would be. If said companions had more of an interest in that rather than napping or playing video games…

Prologue Description:
Mutants are controlled by the Lord through devices named ‘Crystals’ - a purple casing of the same shape which contains a small chip. Planted in the person's right hand, it programs them to obey their Lord, and to hate all humans. The entire population is in such a state.

Apart from a select few.

It is possible to break this programming, as proved by Andrew's 3 mutant companions: Alexis Thornton, Cody Marr and Celcia Finetta.

A programmed human, however, is unheard of.

But, again, this belief is proved wrong.

The team discovers one of the Lord's many experiments: Project Theta, a human who appears to obey the mutants' Lord without question…but he does not appear to have a Crystal.

What he does appear to have, on the other hand, is a burning desire to strike Andrew dead.

With that said, enjoy your time in the forum! ^^

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