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RDraconis at 3:58PM, June 2, 2007
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Background: In the summer of ‘06 I saw the Phantom movie and fell in love with it, went completely phan over it. However, the movie is too busy making him emo to mention his name is Erik (yes- he has a name), so I called him ’Kitten' for whatever reason. Because of this me and a friend made a joke of the “Kitty of the Opera”, which I drew a comic of and meant to continue it (mostly based on the movie with a part or two from the book).

The Changes: Only that Erik is a cat. A cute widdle kitty cat. I'm going to have to change the story a bit, too, because… um… having a kitty that much in love/obsessed with Christine is just creepy.

The Update Schedule: I don't know yet. I want to draw it on paper, ink it, scan it, and color it. I know a lot of people do this with more than weekly schedules- but I don't know how much I'll be able to work on it yet. Once I get used to it I'll give a real schedule. I'd love it to be once a week but mom might get angry if I try drawing that much.

…This thing'll change as time goes on. You really don't have to care much.
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