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Ryan McLelland at 8:08AM, June 29, 2007
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Had a big Wednesday here at Drunk Duck!

Philly celebrated ‘25 pages’ so that helped push the comic more and more!

Issue one is almost done and before issue two starts, I'll be pimping ‘The Collected Toopydoops’ by showing you all five pages from Toupydoops #5. It was a crossover with Philly in which the lead character Toopy is trying out for a bad guy role in Philly. It was great fun doing it…and more of that will come in the future…

So today there's new Philly, a new Wise Intelligence (finishing off the story by Jeff Stewart and upcoming WI mini-series artist Adam Talley), and a new page of Chris and Vernbugg!!! Check out the comics at,, and

I have comics for sale…should anyone want. Wise Intelligence Anthology #1 and 2 for 3 bucks a piece, Philly #1 (from Arcana Comics) for 4 bucks, and the collected Chris and Vernbugg Omnibus for 10 bucks. If interested send me a PM, I'll hook you up with
a good price for mulitple issues.

If you don't read Latino Review everyday you miss my commentary on movies and such….check it out at:

Also over at Newsarama:
My weekly ‘It Came From The Quarter Bin’ columns - This week Savage Dragon #124:

ALSO for Valiant Comics fans I did a monster article on the upcoming Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover-


Tune in MONDAY for a Philly update (with another Wednesday then Friday).

New Wise Intelligence on Wednesday and Thursday.

Chris and Vernbugg all new all next week!!!
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