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Wednesday is the BIG DAY!
Ryan McLelland at 12:35PM, June 18, 2007
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Walked in to interview Tea Leoni today. I shake her hand and she looks at me with those sparkling eyes and says, “Hey. I know you.” Ummm…no, you don't. “Sure,” she says. “We've talked before.” I assured her that she didn't and then continued on with bad Ryan humor that we used to talk on the phone until her husband David Duchovny caught us. Then, before the interview started (I was covering the press junket for “You Kill Me” with Ben Kingsley…interviewed him too…he's the MAN) we talked about JERSEY and how she used to vandalize John Travolta's car!

Anywho…here's a new Philly page!

This WEDNESDAY: TWO NEW PHILLY PAGES PLLLLUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS the Wise Intelligence story featuring the crossover with Cerebus and Captain Jack!!!! It is KEWWWWWLLL BEANS.

And then another Philly update on Friday…

Comic Book Challenge got pushed back two days…fingers crossed that one of the two submissions I entered makes it into the top 50…only time will tell.

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Avalon comics at 1:52PM, June 18, 2007
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It's continually great! KEEP IT UUUP!
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