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Philly Update / Cerebus Coming Soon / Comic Book Challenge / Neil Gaiman Interview!
Ryan McLelland at 3:42AM, June 15, 2007
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Well all…one more page of Philly to wet your appetites!!!

I think the plan from now on is to do an update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Why? Because…um…why not???


#1 - The Philly trailer by Top Cow's Matt Webb is now on Drunk Duck on the “ABOUT ME” page or whatever. Basically just click the lil picture of me in my skullie and it is located in my videos. Well worth the minute of your time.

#2 - I've taken part in this year's Platinum Studios Comic Book Challenge with two entries: ‘Gone’ and ‘normal JOE’. A bunch of people are posting their stuff up on the forums here and I did…the same. Click the link and go see my two entries…and give some FEEDBACK!!!

#3 - My other comic, Wise Intelligence, was updated yesterday with a new four page story!!! Go check it out! Wise Intelligence will see updates about once a week. NEXT WEEK IS the teamup I had with Dave Sim's Cerebus and Mike Kazaleh's Captain Jack!!! I'll also talk about how these two anthromorphic legends came to be in a college comic!

#4 - I interviewed Neil Gaiman at the beginning of the week. We sat down to talk Stardust - the movie is out in August - and talked some other great things like Terry Gilliam, the Death movie, Good Omens, and more. I have an MP3 of the converstaion as well and might put that up somewhere for those true fans.

Hope you all enjoy. See you on Monday for an update - after I interview Ben Kingsley. Err….SIR Ben Kingsley. Yeah…my first ‘TV interview’. I apologize for those in the future who may have to actually LOOK AT ME while I interview people. (and YEAH…I namedropped…but I don't care…I was SUPPOSED to be on set on IRON MAN on Monday…the set visit got pushed up and I got pushed off!!! THE NERVE!)

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