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Another Philly Page Added - 6/13!
Ryan McLelland at 6:37AM, June 13, 2007
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First of all - yesterday was a great Philly - Drunk Duck day!!! We had more viewers read Philly yesterday then we had TOTAL since we came onto Drunk Duck!!! So a big thanks to those of you who have found the story and want to keep reading!!! A BIG THANKS!!!!

Since I'm in such a happy mood I added one more page of story - which I wasn't planning on doing until the weekend. Also added another character sketch page. I plan to update on Saturday with another 2-3 pages. is our home over at MySpace. Consider it an ‘official’ page. Over there you can also see the brilliant trailer for the book that was done by Top Cow's official trailer maker Matt Webb.

Did you know that Philly was also a part of a crossover? It appeared in Toupydoops #5 before Philly #1 was even released. Toupydoops is about a guy who moves to Hollywood to try to be an actor. In Hollywood they make COMICS …NOT movies. So it is all about this guy Toupy trying to break into comic books. The fifth issue has Toupy trying out to be a villain in an upcoming issue of Philly!!! It's a great funny story and you can learn more at

I got a few questions about the print version of Philly and why it went from being a 4 issue miniseries from Arcana to only a one-shot. It's a good question and I'll probably answer that with the next big comic page posting.

Thanks for the love everyone!!!! Thanks for giving Philly such a big day yesterday!

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