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Philly Updated! - 6/12
Ryan McLelland at 8:31AM, June 12, 2007
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Updated the page today…for those of you who didn't run out to the LCS and buy an issue (if you didn't…why not??? you don't like me!??!!?) we finally get a glimpse of some actual SUPERHEROES! I mean…it's already been 5 pages…why not FINALLY get around to showing a superhero.

Philly #1 and Wise Intelligence #1 and 2 are available for purhcase in print form. WI is over at, Philly at your LCS, or write me to get them all at a great deal. This way, if you PM me, I have someone to talk to!

As a TPB might give you different concepts/covers/and such in its back pages as the story goes on I plan to show many different early concept stuff for Philly. This includes the original sketches of the characters, some of the concept cover art, different fan art, and how different some of the covers may look from start to finish.

THERE IS A PHILLY TRAILER ONLINE!!!!! Head on over to our MySpace page and you can see our trailer that was put together by Matt Webb who now does comic trailers for Top Cow!!!!!!!
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Meechi at 8:37AM, June 12, 2007
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I really like this. The colors are nice and refreshing. Good stuff
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