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Wise Intelligence Update - 6/14
Ryan McLelland at 6:18AM, June 14, 2007
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Another story posted today! This one's from Wise Intelligence Anthology #2 - a fun story I did with HC Noel.

My other comic Philly is steadily rising here at Drunk Duck. It's a great superhero story by myself and Jim Hanna. You can see it at: www.drunkduck.com/philly .

Print versions of Philly #1 and Wise Intelligence #1 and 2 are available…PM me for a good price or get WI at comixpress.com and Philly at…your LCS.

Coming Soon : The WI story that features Cerebus and Captain Jack!!! Yup…an ‘official’ crossover that was alot of fun to do.

Comic Book Challenge announces its top 50 next Monday. Did I make the cut??? I wonder…

However that day I'll be in the city interviewing Ben Kingsley…errr…SIR Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni, and Bill Pullman for their new movie…so I won't even know until I get home from that. Someone feel free to call me though and tell me if I made it.

WI update: probably next Thursday.
Philly update: TOMORROW!
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