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Vignette Story One, Page Four
farlightsaga at 7:47PM, June 20, 2007
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This Vignette is all part of a short story that I first got to do with Melissa Uran. She is a good friend of mine that I first saw the art of many years before we first started working together. She was one of those people who I said: “someday, no matter how long it takes, I am going to work with her and hold her art in my hands.”

So yeah, I did get to. And still do actually. ;)

Anyway, I really love the back and forth between Quinn and Nemesio. I mean, Quinn here is fourteen years old. He's already been a soldier for two or so years. And now when it appeared that his luck has finally run out, he's rescued by a complete stranger who has managed to heal what appeared to be mortal wounds.

So you've said thanks. You've introduced yourself so he knows who he saved…and now what? I just love that little uncomfortable pause. So Nemesio tries to break the silence…by bring up what is an obvious but still very uncomfortable topic for Quinn.

He's a soldier for Maldori. And in that statement, given his skin tone, we have seen the entire sum of his life. Born because of the war, he has grown up only to nearly be killed in the war after becoming a child soldier.

All that is said between them in the spacing of a few sentences.

Really, the two of them just have such a wonderful play off each other. Lol.
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Shreal at 3:54PM, June 26, 2007
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Hey, I’ve just started reading Ethos today, and have already finished reading it all to date, and I must say that I’m loving it. The art is great and the story is among some of the best I've read to date.

But I was wondering about the “Vignette Story”, as I have not been around to read them as they have been released. Is their any way to see the comics that I have missed, or will there be in the future?
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farlightsaga at 6:44AM, June 27, 2007
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Hi Shreal. Welcome to the Forums.

There will be in the future. Thankfully with the Vignette Story, you've only missed three or so pages so far. As for when these little side stories will be available, well, I have a few ideas in mind but I don't want to promise anything until I make a final descision.

However, Stay Tuned. :)
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