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Orpheus Alazon Kubeutes has a really long name. It means something along the lines of “sorrowful wandering gambler” because the famous bard he was named after cheated Death. He was conceived somewhere in Greece on his parents' honeymoon and raised in America. All throughout his life he's had dreams about a girl, tragically beautiful, as if he met her in real life and befriended her then. He saw her as a sort of friend, and spoke about her to no one.

When he turned sixteen, the dreams changed. Suddenly he began having frightful visions of a castle in ruin, of that same barefooted, nameless girl crying for help, being torn away from him. Empowered by a mysterious amulet he inherited from his mother and his music, Orpheus embarks on a journey to find out who the girl is. Little does he know, someone else has been waiting to settle the score since the beginning of time.

Incarnations of Orpheus
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Pi is guardian who has been playing the same pranks on Orpheus for the past 5000 years. She gave up her horns, her freedom, and her faunish life to be immortal and guide Orpheus throughout his many lifetimes. She enjoys all kinds of sugary substances, and when Orph loses his sunshine, she's there to cheer him up. She also possesses minor powers of illusion, teleportation, and annoyance. Her name comes from the Greek letter and refers to how everything comes full circle. Also pie. Mm.

Yuri is a mysterious woman about Orpheus' age who is far too grounded to bother with his dreams. She is also the only woman he's ever shown interest in (besides, well, Eurydice). Though she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, she rules it off because– let's face it– he's a mild star in his own right. (Nothing like saying ‘eff off’ to a record label to skyrocket your fame.) Yuri is reportedly a nickname; she prefers to go by Chloe but no one listens.

Eurydice is the most influential person in Orpheus' life, working more magic behind the scenes than on. Because of some terrifying visions of her being kidnapped/assaulted, our hero begins his quest. She is kind, pretty, listens to his problems, loves his music… the perfect girl. Too bad she doesn't seem to exist.

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