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Ok. So you're probably wondering if this story has a plot, and well, sort of. Mostly, it's just for laughs, and sometimes makes fun of angst, though I sometimes have it myself… >.< It will get bloody, gorey, disturbing, and very maniacle, but if you can't take the heat, you should probably get out of the kitchen… and tell people who would like it about it. lol


Age- 16
Sex- female
Hair- black, tips white
Eyes- green
Colors- black and lime green
One of the bazillions of grim reapers in the world thinks she's Satan, and won't go away. She's also rich, but doesn't really show it, and, she really could be the spawn of Senior Diablo himself. Maybe. There also may be something going on concerning her long time “friend”, Lysander and her. Maybe. But then again, Vevina is unfeeling and an unbeliever of love…


Age- 16
Sex- male
Hair- dark brown
Eyes- brown
Colors- Black and gray
Basically the oldest out of 6 children. He's ignored, and has taken up a religion called Music, though I don't think that's really legal… He's a perv, a Dead Head (a fan of The Greatful Dead), and may help bring upon the apocolypse. He's also very… morbid.

Mary the Grim Reaper

Age- ?
Sex- appears to be female. lol
Hair- light red
Eyes- can't see them
Colors- dark gray and crimson
A long time ago, Mary was a professional Grim Reaper (that'd be an AWESOME job). Her boss? Satan, of course (which means she can only reap meanie people like Vevi). But, after a few minutes after creating her, Satan couldn't take her anymore, and hid from her. Mary searched around the world and finally stumbled upon Vevina, and mistooken her for her creator. But now, she won't leave. And she's friggin annoying. Yay! lol Coincidence that her name is Mary, who is also the mother of JESUS?!… Probably. ^^
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