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Don't read this! I'm pretyping things in this thread.
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I wrote a script for “act 1” essentially. I've never written for another artist before, so I wasn't sure how much or little detail to include. I am flexible for everything, different angles and page layouts and whatever else. I'll do the lettering and maybe coloring if I find time.

Let me know if it interests you. I set up a comic here to upload pages, and I'll put them up at Used Books when I get to a good point to insert it (after it's finished). I'll also link to it from my author notes in the meantime.


The seven main characters in adventure-type poses in front of a cityscape background. At the center is Raidon, looking smug, with one hand around Kaida’s waist. Kaida looks helpless but concerned and is glancing at Toyo and Fudo, who are to one side, being blocked by Meredith. To Raidon’s other side is Conrad and Misaki who appear to be engaged in planning. Misaki is holding a map, which both are examining intensely.


Panel 1:
Large top panel (Taking up roughly half the page) sets the scene outside and abandoned hotel removed from civilization. It is night, and the sky is overcast with a crescent moon slightly obscured by a cloud. The hotel is a one story strip of rooms each with a door and window opening to the front. The lobby entrance is at the far right and is apparent because of a small awning and a set of double glass doors. The lobby is not lit. A single window in one of the rooms just left of center is lit behind a light-colored curtain. The parking lot surrounding the hotel is empty except for one red sports car. Outside against the far left of the parking lot are two pay phones (not in booths). In the foreground is an obviously old hotel sign made with block letters. The “L” is broken off and absent. The unlit sign also boasts of “Cable TV” and says “Vacancy.”

Panel 2:
The second panel is smaller than the top one but still fair-sized. It shows the inside of a hotel room. Fudo is sitting on the garish bedspread on one of the beds. He is holding an open Bible but staring in sad/worried contemplation at his reflection in the old TV screen (which is off). It is a typical hotel room with two full-size beds separated by a nightstand. On the nightstand is a lamp and a digital clock-radio. The clock says 2:12 AM.

Panels 3 and 4:
The third and fourth panels are similar sized, smaller than the second. The third panel shows the door creaking open. The fourth panel shows Fudo standing in front of the bed with legs apart in a just-jumped-up stance like he is bracing for something terrible. A look of anxiety/fear is on his face. The Bible is on the floor laying open, cover-side up.


Panel 1:
Toyo is in the doorway. He looks pained and tired. He is wearing a loose-t-shirt that has a slight bloodstain on the stomach. He is clinging to the door, relying on it to support his weight.

Panel 2:
Toyo is climbing onto a bed. Fudo is standing behind him looking concerned.
FUDO: Toyo…

Panel 3:
Toyo is lying flat on his back, staring at the ceiling and smiling from disbelief. Fudo is standing beside him with one hand on the bed. Fudo is smiling too, but it is a weaker and sympathetic smile.
TOYO: I can’t believe you told them I could crack safes.
FUDO: I had to tell them something. Be thankful they believed it.

Panel 4:
Toyo is now leaning on one side, holding his head up on his hand, elbow planted in the pillow. Fudo is sitting beside him. They both look relaxed and conversational (on the surface) as if in denial about their situation.
FUDO: Are you gonna be okay? I mean… a gunshot…
TOYO: Yeah, they have a remarkably good doctor. But what will happen when they find out we’re both frauds?
FUDO: I guess we’ll have to rescue the girl and escape before that happens.

Panel 5:
Fudo is climbing under the covers of his own bed. He has a puckish grin and is reaching for the switch to turn off the lamp on the stand between their beds. Toyo has resumed lying on his back, his hands resting on his stomach.
FUDO: If not, you’ll have to learn your new trade quickly or prepare for the performance of your life.
TOYO: What about you, Fudo? They want you to kill someone. Could you do that?

Panel 6:
The lights are out. Close-up of Fudo staring at the ceiling, deep in thought.


Panel 1:
Toyo is sitting up in bed and looking at Fudo, who is asleep. The room is still dark, and the clock-radio reads 4:28.
TOYO (thinking): We’re going to die. We’d be dead already if Fudo hadn’t fallen for that girl. I guess… we do owe her. It’s our fault she got sucked into this.

Panel 2:
Toyo is standing at the window, looking out onto the empty parking lot and fromt hotel sign. One hand is in his pocket and the other is holding the curtain.
TOYO (thinking): Who are we kidding? A rescue? She isn’t even here. That creep with the little glasses took her somewhere else. There’s nothing we can do. And nothing we could have done. At least it’s a cool way to go out.

Panel 3:
Close-up of Toyo pulling a business card from his pocket. (No speech in this panel.)

Panel 4:
A farther back view of the room from behind Toyo. His face is pointed down as he examines the card. His reflection is visible in the front window. He is pondering how he got it.
TOYO (thinking): That woman at the circus… Did she mean something like this? No. That’s not possible. She said something about being used, didn’t she? Did she recognize someone in the crowd?

Panel 5:
Closer view of Toyo’s smile.
TOYO (thinking): It’s ridiculous. How could a woman like that know about this world? She had a little kid with her and didn’t seem like a criminal or a cop. She must’ve been kidding.

Panel 6:
This panel shows a close-up of the business card. It reads
“Misaki Toriumi


Panel 1:
This scene is inside Misaki’s home. It is an upper class home with sophisticated décor. Misaki is in the library with her seven year old daughter Seiko. They are sitting together in a large leather chair and reading Treasure Island. Both are wearing pajamas. Misaki’s is a short silk nightgown, and Seiko’s is a full body suit with cat silhouettes and feet.
SEIKO: Sorry I woke you up, Mommy.
MISAKI: Don’t worry about it. Nightmares are no fun. I was having trouble sleeping too.

Panel 2:
The phone is ringing from another room. Misaki is standing up now with a hand on Seiko’s forehead and is looking toward the hall. Seiko is now holding the book and looking at her.
MISAKI: That’s my office phone. I’ll be right back, sweetie.

Panel 3:
Toyo is standing at the pay phone outside the motel. He is clinging to the business card with one hand and holding the receiver in the other. He is leaning into the booth and slightly hunched over, as if trying to conceal himself and whispering into the phone.
TOYO: Mrs. Toriumi? I know it’s an odd hour, and I’m sorry to call you collect. I’m not sure you remember me. My name is Toyo. I was the magician at the circus yesterday.

Panel 4:
Toyo glances over his shoulder. He looks worried and is frowning, but there is no one behind him, just the empty parking lot.
PHONE: Of course I remember! I hope you haven’t fallen into any trouble?

Panel 5:
Toyo is twisting the phone cord with his finger and smiling nervously.
TOYO: Actually, we did run into something, but I’m not sure you’ll believe me.

Panel 6:
Misaki is in her a room that is part office and part music room. She is sitting at a desk, but her cello case is behind her. She is speaking with a serious expression.
MISAKI: There was a man in the audience named Yamamura. I was worried that he took an interest in your friend. Does he need help?


Panel 1:
A large panel elongated vertically. It shows the hotel room with Fudo asleep The window looking onto the parking lot is visible:
VOICE FROM OFF-SCENE: Not just him. They got me too – and this girl. A runaway, Lily Verona.

Panel 2:
Misaki has a look of surprise as she holds the phone in her office.
MISAKI: Verona? Where are you now?

Panel 3:
In the foreground is the hotel sign. Toyo is visible on the phone in the background. He is looking at the sign.
TOYO: I don’t know. They brought us in a windowless van, and I was in and out of consciousness. It’s some kind of abandoned hotel. The guy with the glasses took the girl somewhere else.

Panel 4:
Misaki is holding the phone between her ear and shoulder to free her hands. She has a file folder open and is thumbing through the documents within.
MISAKI: I know where you are, but they won’t keep you there long. I’m fairly sure I know where the girl is too.

Panel 5:
Misaki has the desk drawer open, holding the handle with one hand and taking out a box of bullets with the other. A handgun is visible in the drawer.
MISAKI: Behind the hotel, the forest is only about fifty yards deep. There’s a small clearing on the other side. I’ll meet you and your friend there tomorrow night at three AM. Don’t worry about the girl. We won’t leave her.

Panel 6:
Toyo is smiling in relief and starting to hang up the phone.
TOYO: Thank you.

Panel 7:
Toyo has turned from the phone but Meredith is directly in front of him now. The barrel of the gun is pressed against his ribcage. Toyo looks startled and terrified. Meredith is grinning maliciously.
MEREDITH: Sleepwalking?


Here are some character descriptions. This is a flashback set 17 years prior to the Used Books story.

It follows the events of these sections/chapters but should be stand-alone: p=467537

23 years old. Overweight and with a cheerful disposition. Facial features are round and soft. Bright eyes and a round nose, reminiscent of Santa Claus. Hair is short and jet black, has a mustache. He was a magician before taken by the syndicate (after being shot) when his friend Fudo lied about his abilities. First appears in an old t-shirt and shorts, given to him to replace the blood-soaked clothes he had been wearing.

22 years old. Slightly taller than Toyo. Has a fit build with some definition to his muscles. Hair is long, to the middle of his back, typically worn in a ponytail. Eyes are slightly slanted, strong nose and chin (with a cleft), chiseled features. Generally attractive like a magazine model. He is introspective, emotional, and impulsive. Fudo was a circus knife thrower, which caught the eye of the syndicate. He adamantly refused to join until Toyo was threatened along with the girl he just met (and had a crush on). First appears in a t-shirt with loose khaki pants.

17 years old. Shorter than the men, roughly average height. Lean build, leggy but small-chested. Black hair is long and straight with a widow’s peak. Eyes are small and slanted, nose is narrow. Face is oval and slightly elongated with a tapered chin. Features are fine like a porcelain doll. Overall slight and fragile-looking, frightened of her current situation. She was fiery and headstrong until she instinctively shot a man dead in defense of Toyo. Kaida ran away from home to join Fudo, whom she had a crush on but ended up recruited by the syndicate. Raidon took a personal interest I her, and Kaida feels small and helpless and completely dependent upon him.

35 years old. Close to Kaida’s height but with a much curvier and more muscular build. Stiletto heel shoes make her appear taller. Meredith wears red pant-suits or dress-suits and typically has a sinister and sadistic grin. Her face has strong but feminine features, and is typically heavily made up with lipstick and mascara. Her blond hair is roughly shoulder length and curls inwards at the bottom, giving it a rounded look. Meredith is a sadist, and her personality is dictated by her love of control and causing fear and pain. Her job is keeping syndicate employees in line. She is quick to suggest punishment and severe action.

34 years old. Shorter than Fudo but taller than Kaida. Raidon has a lean build, but his apparent shape is dictated more by the cut of tailored blazers and suits. Typically, Raidon wears turtle-neck shirts under blazers, no ties. When more casual, he’ll wear a polo shirt. His hair is orderly and combed back into a static style resembling a subtle pompadour. He has sideburns and is clean-shaven. He has soft, almost feminine facial features, a small nose, and a slightly tapered chin. He wears small, round pince-nez. Raidon is a cool and calculated individual, and he’s an expert at reading people. He usually presents himself as a capable and compassionate person but he handles some people with a heavy hand and shows his malice in private. He is secretly driven by emotion and has a crush on Kaida and a rival-like hatred for Fudo.

32 years old. A short (under five foot tall) and light-framed woman with large expressive eyes and a button nose. Misaki has medium-short hair (like Seiko) and a generally “cute” appearance. Her build is average without particularly defined curves. She is usually a kind and compassionate soul who relies on negotiation and tries to talk to all people as rational equals. However, she has an almost puckish spirit when engaging in action and espionage. She leaps to adventure like a child. Misaki is a member of an independent group determined to bring about the end of the syndicate. Her job is to help syndicate members defect/escape. Misaki is a musician and a mother but conceals her “secret life” from her husband, family, and friends. She always wears a small heart-shaped locket and her simple wedding ring.

45 years old. A tall, lean man (6 ½ feet tall) with medium-length black hair and a small moustache. His muscles are somewhat defined but he looks lean overall, partly due to his height. His features are fine, like Kaida’s, with a narrow nose and tapered chin. Conrad has a strong sense of justice and gives off an air of confidence (even when he isn’t confident), which inspires those around him to have courage. He always seems sure of victory no matter what the odds. Conrad is a member of the same anti-syndicate group as Misaki. Around five years prior, he faked his death in a close call with the syndicate and has to currently act behind the scenes and incognito to maintain the illusion of his death. Conrad had a family (including Kaida), but they all believe him to be dead. Conrad always wears his wedding ring.
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Hi usedbooks! How would you like to greet the lovely community of Drunk Duck?

With cupcakes for all! Splenda ones for the diabetics and dieters.

How long have you been making comics? You seem very good at it, so I’d guess it’s something you’ve done for a while and taken very seriously?

Thank you, but I never really deliberately drew anything until graduate school, aside from little doodles I made my mom when I was younger.

What first got you into comics?

Like most people, I did read “the funnies” as a kid, mostly The Far Side, which is great because all the professors I had in college had at least one strip on their office doors. I never picked up a comic book until I ran out of episodes of my favorite anime series Case Closed/Detective Conan. I bought the manga to help fill my craving for new cases. When the new plot in those tapered off, I decided to try my hand at creation.

Used Books is a massive comic of 866 pages; how long has this comic been going for?

Four years. :)

How on earth do you stay motivated enough to create such a long comic? My longest comic pales in comparison!

Simple answer is that it's practically all I have going on in my life. :P But to be less emo about it, I love creation. It drives me crazy to be unproductive. Plus, I'm the biggest fan of my work, so the whole thing is basically a fan fiction of itself. Being on DD has probably added a huge additional motivating factor. I was shocked when other people started reading it and liking it too. Suddenly, I'm not the only person anticipating the next page, and once I start doing things for other people, I up my ante a bit to be worthy of their attentions.

Your art style is pretty interesting; I’ve never seen anything quite like it, actually! (In a good way!) What influenced/inspired your style?

Like I mentioned, I started drawing Used Books to fill my need for new stories in reaction to running out of new Detective Conan to watch. So my first attempts at graphic novel art was trying to mimic that style. It's not a beautiful art style, but I thought it would be easy to emulate, and then I just had to write as good as them to make up for it. I was completely wrong. It came very unnaturally to me, so I started allowing it to evolve in a way that I found comfortable. My archives almost chronicle that development. Heh.

I always liked the simplified kinds of art styles in animation, but I never cared for the exaggeration and distortion in some anime genres.

Gelotology is a lot less serious in tone; did you need this as a more light-hearted project?

Well, kinda. Part of the reason for its creation was a brain dump for all the juvenile silly crap cluttering my head. I can't tell my stupid jokes in normal conversation or forums because they either are misinterpreted and lead to a long, boring, misinformed political discussion (which confounds me. Politics and science should never mix but always have…) or just make people think less of me. Plus, the gags in my mind are highly visual and don't make good jokes anyway.

The main reason for Gelotology, though, is to appease my mother. When I started Used Books, I told my family I was drawing comics, and Mom was incredibly disappointed to find out that I wasn't drawing the silly science gags I used to doodle for her when I was a kid. Plus, UB wasn't something I could generally share with my family, due to the length and involvement of it. So, I started a strip I could share without any backstory or explanation. If asked what UB is about, I'd have to explain it in a stumbling sort of long but blurry way. But for Gelotology, I just say “It's science humor.”

Other than your comics, what do you enjoy?

I'm a biologist (sporadically employed in part-time, seasonal stuff :P ), so my first love is animals. I live with my parents, seven cats (three are mine), and 30 pet rats (all are mine). I enjoy spending time with them. I also like to read and watch a lot of TV. I rewatch my favorite series a lot (Lupin III, Detective Conan, and Get Smart). I like to download and play freeware and shareware games of all kinds. However, most of my time is devoted to making comics and job hunting.

You have a big love for mystery/detective stories, right? What began this love?

My granddad. :) We were on vacation in Maine, and Dad was looking in the local newspaper. He noticed a play being performed at a small local playhouse. He asked if I'd like to go to a play, The Spider's Web. I asked what it was about, and he told me it was Agatha Christie. I had read a few of them because a teacher friend had lent me one, and I enjoyed it. My granddad seemed really excited by the play too. I love plays, so we went, and it was a fantastic little theater, very small and eclectic. Each seat in the audience was different. There were rocking chairs, recliners, folding chairs, a church pew, etc. Anyway, I loved the experience, and it burned itself into my memory. I felt connected to my grandpa by it, and we talked about Agatha Christie books and mysteries quite often during his last year (he lived for one year after that trip). After he passed away, we went to Atlanta to go through his apartment, and I found 70-some Agatha Christie books on their own shelf. No one else in my family wanted them, so I got to keep his collection. Those paperbacks remain my most treasured possessions.

What brought you here to Drunk Duck?

My brother, who created a webcomic called The Real N, pressured me to upload my crude pages to the internet. I did a search of webcomic hosts, and I liked what people were saying about DrunkDuck (particularly in the ease of uploading and maintaining), so I chose that one.

Does it feel strange to be interviewed by a teenager?

Nah, especially not on the internet. No one is the age they seem on the internet. One of the most mature people I've met online turned out to be eight, while there are 40-somethings with the grammatical skills of preteens with massive head trauma and crushing finger injuries texting their friends.

Why should the lovely people of Drunk Duck read your comics?

Because I love them, and they love me, and I love my comics, and they'll love them too. ^_^ Seriously, if you are overeducated but with a juvenile sense of humor, you'll like Gelotology. I'd recommend Used Books to anyone who can forgive a developing art style and love archive diving. (Or anyone who's okay reading plot summaries instead of archives.)

What are your working methods when it comes to your comics? How do you make them?

For UB, I draw on computer paper with a mechanical pencil. Then I scan it. I change contrast, add text, and clean up my outlines in PaintShopPro. Finally, I add a layer for color over the pencil art. With Gelotology, It's almost the same, except my sketch is rough; I draw vector lines over it before deleting the sketch. A UB page takes three days. A finish a Gelotology strip in one evening.

Oh, and in terms of scripting, I write whenever inspiration hits. I redraft scripts many times. For UB, I also draw drafts and thumbnails galore and often change things in each step of the process.

What is your favourite animal, and why? (This is a great and totally relevant question; it can reveal a lot about a person!)

Probably the Mountain Lion although I don't want to meet up with any in the wild! Their appearance always appealed to me as a kid, and I think it's neat that they are essentially giant “small cats” rather than a “big cat” like a lion or tiger. These days, I have a lot of respect for them as the dangerous animals they are. – Oh, plus they are American and have interesting natural histories, but that's my biology geek side speaking.

Do you have any weird habits/rituals that you have to do every day?

The weirdest is that I wake up twice a day. I'm up at seven AM to give my cat an insulin injection. Then I go back to bed and sleep until ten or eleven. (When I'm not working.)

Do you have any other websites where you work can be seen?

My main hub is

If you could meet one of your characters, who would you choose, and why?

My readers won't like this, but I have to say Raidon. He's generous and makes a good show, knows all the best places, and could probably even get me a job. Plus, I figure, as long as I'm with him, I'd be relatively safe. :)

Anything else you would like to say to the Drunk Duckers?

Party at my house Saturday! BYOB! I'll bring the cupcakes.

Well, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you, usedbooks! Thanks for your time!

You're very welcome! Thanks for the great interview!
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Here's me interviewing Hunchdebunch. :)


Hello there, Hunchdebunch! May I call you Lauren?

Hi, Usedbooks! You can certainly call me Lauren, it is my name after all! :)

From my hyper spy satellites (pointed at your user profile), I see you are a teenage woman/girl/being/toaster? I know oh so many more scandalous things from my *other* satellites, but for the sake of the readers, can you state the general location in this universe where you reside?

Haha, well I am indeed a girl/woman, not a toaster! I live in England (much to a lot of the Drunk Duckers’ surprise!) in a rather quiet/dull/boring village :)

When did you start making comics (web or otherwise)? What was your first project?

I started making comics a few years ago now, initially just wanting to show my intense love for Primeval by creating a fan comic, but then scrapping that to move onto my own stories. It took a long time to get my work off the ground; I had a few false starts before finally settling into working on The Door and Last Of The Wilds.

My satellite beamed me a whole bunch of projects you have on DD! They all seem quite varied, too. Which projects are you actively updating? Please tell me a super short summary of all, so our hundreds of billions of readers may become enthralled and flock to your comics to read more.

Well, right now I’m working on Last Of The Wilds and Quest For Zanvadas, but also updating A Child Led Astray (Volume One) and A Boring Life, which are completed comics.

Last Of The Wilds tells the tale of a young leopard named Pippin who, with the help of his friends, is trying to save The Wilds from war.

Quest For Zanvadas is about an alien boy named Varin who is trying to get help for his planet which is in ruins.

A Child Led Astray is based on a story by my sister, and tells the story of a young wolf who is taken from his pack to be used as a sled dog

And finally, A Boring Life was made for 24 Hour Comics Day (but was actually completed in about 8-10 hours), and tells the story of a young man named Gustav, who believes his life is boring, despite the craziness that is going on all around him.

From where do you draw inspiration both in story and in visual art?

My main inspiration story-wise would have to be my dreams, actually. Both The Door and Quest For Zanvadas initially came from dreams, and were later fleshed out. I also take inspiration from the tv shows I watch, such as Torchwood, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries, for things like character interaction, which I see as very important in any story.

As for my art style, I originally began by trying to draw Manga, but lost the instructions. I’m glad I did, actually, because since then my art has gradually become my own, and my most recent style (not used in any of my comics yet) is something I’m very proud of! :) I’m also inspired by David Peterson (creator of Mouse Guard) and Kazu Kibuishi (creator of Amulet), among other comic artists.

Aside from comics, what do you like to do with your time?

I spend the rest of my free time working on my art work for college (I’m doing a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design right now), browsing the internet, or writing my insane crossover fanfic, The Ultimate Story, which includes characters from all my favourite TV shows, and is absolutely bonkers!

How do you find time for all that comic making and your busy life? Are you a witch? You can tell me. I swear I won’t tell anyone!

I’m not sure, really! I tend to only actually create one page of Quest For Zanvadas and two for Last Of The Wilds each week, and I wish I could do more! It may seem that I have loads of comic because of the finished ones. Although A Child Led Astray and A Boring Life are currently updating, they were actually completed before I began uploading them. Other than that, I can only say that I don’t really have a particularly busy life right now, which might help me a little! :)

How did you find DrunkDuck and why do you host your comics here?

I found out about this site from a college friend of mine; she saw my work and recommended it to me, and I’m really glad she did! This seems to be one of the best places to host my work; I get a lot more feedback here than I do anywhere else!

Where else can your work be found on the internet?

You can find my work on DeviantArt:
And also my own website:

My psychic abilities detect a love of animals. Tell me this is correct.

This is absolutely correct, I adore animals! Especially wolves, so I’ve loved working on A Child Led Astray! :)

Do you have any pets? Please tell me their species/breed!

I used to, I’ve had 4 fish: Yoda, Sharky, Pearl, and Brownie. And 2 hamsters (not at the same time), called Gimli and Dr. Pepper. I want to get a dog someday, but that probably won’t happen until I move out.

Do you think possums are cute?

Most definitely! They have the sweetest little faces!

Yay! I found someone else! I thought I was the only one…

Inquiring minds want to know! Does this avatar make my butt look fat?

Not in the slightest! Your avatar is lovely! :)

Time for a hypothetical. If you went on a magical vacation to any of your comic worlds, where would you go, with whom would you associate, and what would you do?

I think I’d actually choose to go to the world of Patronus, an idea I’m still planning out!

But if I had to choose from one of my comic that’s on here, I’d have to say Quest For Zanvadas. I’d love to fly around in a spaceship, visiting different planets. I also think that Varin and…some other characters who will be coming into it soon…would be a right laugh to hang out with! I think we’d probably end up getting into all sorts of trouble, to be honest!

What would you bring me back as a souvenir? (I know you’d bring me something because we’re bestest friends now.)

I think it’d have to be either some space rock, or some exotic alien food! Or perhaps both!

As a young person, you probably have hopes and dreams and rot like that. Could you tell me about some of those?

Well, I actually aspire to go on to university to do a course in Illustration, and then hopefully go into doing freelance illustration, and also try to get my comics published, which is my real ambition, although I could settle for just the illustration, if I had to :)

I wish you the best of luck landing your dream job, and getting published.

Oh no! I’m all out of questions!! I command you to ask and answer one for yourself!

Oh no! The pressure! Um…. How about; what you do you think are the most important aspects of comic making?

The answer to that would be; the characters: They must be believable, interesting, and interact well. I love writing for characters that just bounce off of each other brilliantly. In QFZ, Varin and another character practically wrote for themselves when they’re together!

Also, I think that the stories must be able to touch the reader in some way; if the reader doesn’t feel anything while reading the comic, if they don’t care about the characters, and don’t care about their trials/challenges, then the story needs rethinking, in my opinion!

In a nutshell; the artwork isn’t everything. It helps, but the story is what really makes a comic, I think!
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UB Lost Episodes




Used Books


Super Star Galactica
Who's Your Daddy?

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