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1. Do you know that your art looks like you're a Mike Mignola wannabe?
Yep. I don't even try to hide the fact that the man is my hero. Believe me, no one is more aware of my Mignola-fanboyness than I am. Except maybe Mignola himself…he had to spray me with water to get me to stop humping his leg…

2. Where did you get the idea for “The Path”?
Well, The Path actually started life as a comic called “Brand New Hero”. Which, admitedly, sucked ass. The art was ok, and the story wasn't awful…but it wasn't right. It just didn't work so much. I scrapped the project, but parts of the story kept rattling around in my head…as did a drawing of the main character aged 20 years. The “aged” character became Chance. The actual story itself, well, it came from various dark corners in my head(I've had this shit running rampant in my head for years…I was a very strange child).

3. Do you do art trades?
Absolutely! Though, admitedly, it will take forever if I'm not given a specific date it's wanted by. “Whenever” will result in a looooong wait.

4. Can I do fan-art for The Path?
Hell yes. I love fan-art, and it usually gets you a plug in the comic. Just send it to

5. Which do you like working on more, The Path or Drunk Duck Civil War?
Well, as much fun as DDCW is…The Path is my baby. I have more fun working on The Path because I get to focus all the things that always made me a wierdo into a story that people actually enjoy!

6. Who would win in a fight, Chance or Hellboy?

7. Do you draw Chance that way so he looks like you?
No. He was originally modelled after Kurt Russel's character in the movie “The Thing”. I grew MY beard so I could better draw bearded facial expressions.

8. Can you tell me how The Path ends?
Um, no. Unless you'll fund publishing it. Then I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

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