No comic this week - Midterms. Yes, they suck.
tekitsune at 9:22AM, July 15, 2007
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Hey all. It's “midtems” time here for school again and I have an uber-nasty Art History test that I have to study for. And I hate history classes, all the memorization of things that you'll forget two seconds you're out of the testing area. To make it worse, I'm not too big on the teacher's teaching style, which is practically non-existant. All we do is stare at slides of paintings, statues and architecture and she just talks at us through the darkness. She never uses the whiteboard in the room and she talks like 2000 miles a minute, occasionally throwing a “oh, this is important, you'll want to note this” and then the'll ramble quickly through some term or whatnot and then it's gone, not really giving anyone an opportunity to note anything.

So I have a long list of about 300 terms to get definitions for and about 50 pieces of “art” to get identifications on. Then I have to memorize all of it. After that, I have to do up a mock essay on two questions, again, memorizing that and all the “facts” and “dates” for the pieces of art that I cite there…. Yes, it's going to be a long, icky week.

Tests have to be taken by the end of the day on Wednesday, so things for the next Monday should be ok.
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