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Re designing pages
JustNoPoint at 9:26AM, Aug. 7, 2007
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I am not done re designing my Devon Legacy pages yet. Still got to add buttons and such. But I made a forum, woop dee doo!

So hi to all that see this ^^
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royduncan100 at 7:59PM, July 5, 2008
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It may be no big whoop to you,a button here a graphic there,when you are a pro artist and designer and have an understanding of HTML then the net is at your bidding.I don't even understand wordpress or comic press.Your pages make my mouth water,I would give ANYTHING to have a page like yours,someone like me is subjugated to live out his life in cut and paste templates.Until Blogger and drunkduck my life as an artist was in a box and in a computer folder,at least now I can show off my work.I have found Talent and brains don't always go together,you appear to have both in an abundance that makes me quake with envy.If you think your design goes unnoticed you would be dead wrong.Roy
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