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New name for new comic
MangaWriter at 1:21PM, Oct. 15, 2007
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I'm trying to come up with a name for the new manga, but I've hit a roadblock. A very, very big roadblock. Namely, I can't think of a name that sucks.

Here's sort of a summary of the basic plot:
Hideaki is a normal high school student in Tokyo. He also enjoys writing manga. The thing is, his life is about as crazy as a manga! He and his two friends, Miko and Kentaro, have wild misadventures (not exactly of the actiony type) while Hideaki is trying to write a manga. Some elements of HIS crazy life are rubbing off in the story of the manga though. Oh, and he also has to make the deadline. So good luck Hideaki.

Not the best summary, but… BAM! I AM GONE! :neenjah:

Yeah, I'm leaning towards “Hideaki's Manga”, considering his manga is kinda a big part of the plot. But any other ideas are fully welcome. Yeah. FULLY. WELCOME. BOO YEAH.
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