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Freux at 5:28PM, Aug. 24, 2007
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What can I say about this comic?

This wasn't actually a comic to begin with. A few of the characters started out as roleplaying characters on a forum, then it just kind of kept growing.

The story and characters have been worked on for a few years now, despite the slow progression the actual comic is making. ( That, of course, being due to my inability to organize anything. :P )

The concept of the crow people came from here: CLICK!
I was doing some random research on crows because they happen to be my favoritest of birds, and came across that, which talks about were-ravens. That's a neat idea, I thought. What could I do with that idea?

This comic is what I did with that idea.

I don't feel as if I've stolen anything. It's the same as using elves or dwarves or demons or whatnot in a story, and I've changed it all up so much that my story is absolutely nothing like any of that corax mess. The focus was taken from the raven and given to the crow. Simple simple.

I'm constantly doing research for this story, which is another reason it's progressing slowly. If I find information that I think should be included, I feel inclined to change things up a bit.

… That's all I can think of to say right now. o_o
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