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Randal sells his children into slavery
anonymousposterchild at 6:13PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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(9:05:45 PM) ***O_o has samoas
(9:07:28 PM) TheDoctor: *Samoans
(9:08:08 PM) O_o: i don't have people… i have cookies
(9:08:48 PM) O_o: my son just projectile vomited all over my wife
(9:08:49 PM) O_o: :D
(9:08:58 PM) TheDoctor: *I have brought them here in my truck. I will sell them for much profit
(9:09:21 PM) TheDoctor: *When my son comes of age, he will inherit my slavery empire or be sold into slavery himself. That is his choice.
(9:09:25 PM) TheDoctor: *:C
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