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Evil Emperor Nick at 8:49AM, Sept. 5, 2007
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The obligatory ask a character thread. Have fun!

Here are a few questions from the Charby NS forum:

Princess Sarah: Where'd you get that raccoon? I want one!!
Oh isn�t she sweet? I�m glad you like her. Well to start with her name is Sneaker. I leave food out sometimes and animals come by and snack on it. That is how I met Sneaker. It took forever though for Sneaker to trust me though. She always liked to try and slip in then run away with whatever food she could stuff into her mouth. One day when Sneaker came by to got some honey and I dipped my hand in it. Sneaker came over to lick the honey off. I did this for a while a soon sneaker started coming over to me just looking for snacks if I had honey or not. It was great because sometimes if I don't like the school lunch I feed it to sneaker at recess and snack on her instead. She is really great, she tastes like honey because I feed her that so much.

Nak:How much can you lift while flying?
I don't know. I've picked up Timmy before while flying no sweat but well it is Timmy so that isn�t much of challenge, know what I mean? But when Skee and me tried to out of a math test by jumping out the window it didn�t go so well. The plan was to grab Skee and fly off but we ended up crashing into a tree. It was pretty cool actually, the whole class ended up missing the test by the time it was all over. I've grown an inch or two since then so, you know, I could be a lot stronger now. Skee doesn't want to try it again though. He is always whining about it just because I dropped him when we crashed and he had to go to the doctor's office.

Emily-Lynn: How old are you and what is your species? Ever heard of Amelius 1, your creator?
I just turned 2 a little bit ago. It isn't to late to still send presents. Amelius says I'm a “Evil minature red eyed xerox copy devil child clone of doom”. So yea I've met Amelius Mono. I think creator is the wrong word for ‘blue eyes’. Nick actually “made” me I guess, I'm not sure what you call it. Ms. Amelius is my teacher at school, which is laaaaaaame. I get teased about it all the time.

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