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Cwen's Quest Chapter 1 Finished
Evil Emperor Nick at 6:23AM, May 9, 2008
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Evil Empire Comic's recent series Cwen's Quest has just finished up its first chapter with page 25.

Chapter 1 covers Cwen's exile, via a boot to her rear, from her home by her father and he eventual return to take revenge. Chapter 1 introduced Cwen the titular character of Cwen's Quest, her side kick Wendy Weasle (so sue her she named it when she was like 7), Dross the Dragon & of course Riddly Lancer.

It is pretty funny so if you haven't read it before now would be a good time to check it out.

After a two week break in which we'll be putting up some bonus material we'll be starting chapter 2 and moving to a twice a week update scheduel. Additionally now that Chapter 1 is finished we're going to be shopping Cwen around looking for a publisher. If anyone has any suggestions on this front I'm more then interested to hear them.

-Empire Out

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