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When will X Return?
Evil Emperor Nick at 10:42AM, April 11, 2008
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I got a lot of questions about when certain comics are going to return that have disappeared or gone on hiatus. I will attempt to answer some of those here in the order they are asked about.

Villainy Minor - Yes VM will return, but I'm just not sure Amy will continue to be the artist. Amy has a lot on her plate and since sadly, no studio is talking about VM at the moment it has been put on the back burner. We plan to finish up the current story arc and up to page 100 with Amy and see what happens from there. Now that Amy is done with the NS manga it will probably return when Amy gets healthy again.

3rd Party Fantasy - I'll continue to update 3PF as time permits. My laptops recent death though has pretty much brough that to an abrupt stop though. Once it is repaired 3PF will resume updating as Time Permits.

Fantasy Side - There are no plans to continue Fantasy Side at this time.

Untimely Adventures - I talked with Fiona about this a while back but nothing ever came of it. While I would very much like to continue UA it probably won't be returning anytime soon just because things like VM are my top priority.

Malcontents - There are no plans to continue Malcontents at this time.

Video Killed the Radio Star aka The Lee McVain Show - Lee McVain will probably camoe in some up coming stuff, however The Lee McVain the show may return along with some other Podcast fun when we can afford the cost of hosting it again.

Dregs of the Empire - Dregs is totally up to its artist Dregs. We've talked about resuming it but so far we've yet to settle on something we both feel 100% about.

Shadowplay - There are no plans to resume Shadowplay at this time.

Vampire Noir - There are no plans to resume Vampire Noir at this time.

Chibi World - Arg if anyone even remembers that I am eternally ashamed. No plans to continue Chibi World at this time. X_X

Misaventure - Misadventure WILL return one day, but sadly today is not that day. However this is a project I feel very strongly about and I don't want to do it until I can do it right.

Projects gone Cold on the back Burner

Arc Saga - Arc Saga may one day see the light of day. It is currently in development limbo, but then again so was Night School for a long time so you never know. I'd say there is a 30% chance this might get posted one day.

Mage at Large - While a lot of concept art exists for the series when Night School got green lighted for publication the idea went on hold. Its fate largely depend on what happens with Night School.

The Dark Lord (Working Title) - Again while a lot of concept work has been done by many artists, this series has never made it out of dev limbo. Honestly I have since written better material so unless I rewrite the script this series is never coming out of cold storage.

Jazz & Trix - Never picked up enough momentum. I shopped it around to a couple of artist but it just never came together. I'll probably just import the characters into another comic one day.

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Raccoo at 10:59PM, April 11, 2008
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Wow, that's about three times as many stories as I thought you had. O.O
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