Mercs-supplimental pictures(SPOILER ALERTS!)
Sidwarrious at 9:49PM, Oct. 12, 2007
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Ok, I just wanted to put some pictures up to show how Monica's art has evolved over time, and to show how the characters have changed. With my being Sid however most pictures are of me so Garret fans-sorry. Her drawing Garret was her just drawing a pic for me for a friend so it wasn't as appealing. But enough talking, time for pics.

Also one word of warning for anyone who is interested in seeing how the story does unfold alot of these pictures are idealized and don't happen and some clue you into future relationships and such and certain things begetteded of them, but even then not everything is as it seems.

Sid and Warrious:

Simply a picture of Sid and Warrious. One of the original ones done.

Ye Old Wagon:

This is a very old picture. One of the originals. The coloring is pretty bad in it. This was one of the very first pictures Monica did in photoshop and was very inexperianced. One of the first times she drew them together.

Their First Kiss(Spoiler):

Sid and Jovi obviously eventually get a thing going on. This was the first drawing Mon ever did of the two of them together.

Garret and Torunga(Minor-Spoiler):

Torunga is a white tiger that comes from his statue. Another tiger comes from it too. We swear this isn't a Drizzt rip-off thing, it was another weird co-inkydink. Garret was a master of shadows so he uses Shadow Cats. Not really a shock is it?

Jovi and Rave:

This is a brand new pic Mon did to try out some more background pics. Rave is Jovi's horse. More will be revealed about him later.

Original Jovi:

This was Mon's original design for Jovi. If you look close you can notice some subtle changes.

Mason Alucade:

This is the first and only full color picture of Mason. Pretty ain't he when fully rendered?

Monica and Warrious:

Monica loves Warrious. She's attracted to psychotically evil. Hence our relationship.

Sid as a ninja, killing another ninja:

I used to have a ninja shop on Naruto. Sid was a ninja on it. This is him fighting Toshi. Notice the white hair. That's right. Ryan, the creator of Garret Jax made Toshi too.

My full avatar picture:

This is the full sized pic. Me, Sid and Warrious. Happy funtimes.

Warrious at full power(Spoiler):

This is Warrious showing off his flame abilities.

A Warrious Reference Page:

A full page dedicated to the insane Warrious.

A Jovi Reference Page(SPOILER):

Jovi's own reference page. The husband thing-not. Ish. It's complicated. You'll see.

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Insanity at 10:32AM, Oct. 13, 2007
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That is really cool.


I feel a little bit like Hitler right now, too.
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Ah, yes, sooo awesome. I really like Warrious, when he's powered up. Way cool.
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Sidwarrious at 6:21PM, Oct. 25, 2007
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Yay for comments?
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