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Since making and editing html for a fanart page is a little displeasing in thought, I decided to make a thread where they would be posted instead.

By both myself and Viewers/Readers/Fans.

So, here are the…
1) No Adult Stuff
2) Large images should be linked
3) Violent stuff or NSFW (That doesn't violate rule 1) should be linked AND labeled as such.
4) No hate. n.n

Alright, so I shall post all that I have received so far here.
All in link form so it's less size consuming.

From Kali:
Zara vs Oboro, from Angels of Shadows

From Toshubi:
The premise to an epic story…
Unholy Alliance it is…

From Rutger:
Trina and feasting festivals go together like a stomach and food.(From Secret Santa 07!)

From SpearCarrier:
Malachite and… Katrina?!
(From Secret Santa '08)

From The CHAY!:
Veitzy! <3
It's Alixixi! And the pearly gates… snap.
Chibi Veitzy!
Malachite <3 Zara!
A Random Setarian!

From ConfusedSoul:
Gin, and bandages!

KALA-Dan! Reverse Trap!
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