It seems that coloc forum's are never really utilized
Bocaj at 10:05PM, Nov. 23, 2007
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This has been my discovery. In order for them to be useful you need a big and dedicated fan base. Which you, pastel, I would say have.

The main problem though is DD already has a major forum so a comic forum is even more useless.

I am not saying to delete your forums, don't you have used them well with your “be a character thing”.
In fact that is the best way to use this forum!

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pastel at 6:38PM, Nov. 24, 2007
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I've actually discovered the same thing.

These extra forums are pretty much useless. However… should there ever be a need for them, I decided to have this extra one. Though really, I understand your point completely. Instead of this forum, people could comment on the comic and pq me.

However, this kinda has the bonus of people being able to share things with other people…. which is why I keep it. Chances are slim it'll be used, but meh. :P
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