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Rev_Danno at 1:33PM, Jan. 3, 2008
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I'd like to welcome the almost 300 people who run into this comic, and the one person who found this blog.
Also I'd like to encourage people to post comments on my comic, I can't make it better if you don't comment. I don't care if yu rate me or not, but I would like you to comment!

First, I am not a crazy cat person, I'm just lazy. It is far easier to take pictures of some cats w/ my cell phone and put them in a comic then it is to draw people. Also H.P. Lovecraft loved cats.

Second, in the future I may draw comics once in a while. This will to show what may be going on in the RPG.

Third, Seymour can be found on myspace.comby going to Seymour's Myspace page.

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