This will be up till 2010, so It had better be good
mattwandcow at 1:13AM, April 13, 2008
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Hola from the past! I have completed my comic preparations and we are a go until 2010, when we are a stop until May (May-be a bit earlier! lol)

As such, A few minor details to detail

I can't answer questions until I get back. You can try asking my assistant, J_to_the_ared, but I doubt he'll show his sorry lump of a face online.

Second, I'd still like you to comment. Either on the pages or here in thefourm.

Third, TSMA will run till June 09. It gets kinda “Dr. Who”-ish but thats not a bad thing.

Fourth, Dun Dunn DUNN!!! (that was a dramatic sound thing) is a drama strip. like a comic strip, but with drama. Its only 3 panels a page, which isn't much, but I liked it. I couldn't find the end for it though. It will get to March 1th, I believe, then it will just stop, unless JttA gets his game face on finds my notebook (its green, have YOU seen it??) and draws them up. I wish you luck. So in 2010 there may (eh, will) be a small Hiatus. I plan to be back and baking ASAP, tho.

and a 5, check out my blog. Similar update thing. but with stories and other media

Good Luck and May the Force Live Long and Prosper with you.
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j_to_the_ared at 8:45AM, April 13, 2008
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my ‘sorry lump of face’ was inherited by you, ya know?
This has been a special comment from Jared to You personally… don't take it to seriously…
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