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Trickster74 at 5:06PM, Jan. 27, 2008
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Thought I'd start a place to update people in greater detail than what I usually feel like putting in the Author's Note after doing all the work.

Originally, I told my son I'd do a webcomic with him. (He's 12, and a big Super-hero geek, although not quite as bad as Dad…) We went through all the crazy little “ashcan” comics he's always making, I dug out some semi-plausible characters. I took them apart, we rebuilt them, we wrote out a gigundous storyline.

Then I decided to do a small set of another book to get used to doing the art again….

So, I dug an old hero out of mothballs- Teknik was originally a Champions character (GO RPG Geeks!). I rewrote him (somewhat), and decided to use the “Retro Toon” style of current popular cartoons- aided and abetted by Christopher Hart's book ‘Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Characters’.

And there you go.

When Issue 1 wraps up, me and the boy will be bringing out our original story (Tenatively titled The Treehouse Gang). It'll run for a long, long, time- but will have a more regular update schedule than Teknik.

And apparently, Teknik will not go back into mothballs, as I've still got more story to tell there, and the two ‘books’ are interconnected…

SO! ( Man, that guy is long-winded….)


For today- I went on a short vacation (back to my wife's home state in Maryland) for our anniversary (11 years, thank yew, thank yew). I'm going to try to get partial line art up for page 3 tonight, then repost it finished tomorrow.

Watch this space for updates!
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Trickster74 at 7:12PM, Feb. 2, 2008
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2 February 08–

So, I obviously didn't get the updated art up…

Excuses: Back from the vacation, but went back to work ( I've been on again off again for a while now). The massive amounts of hoofing around the plant I have been doing maintenance at were killin' me!

But, I'm working on it, don't fear, I'm not abandoning my comics. Will definitely be posted this weekend.
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