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Full name: Dr. Samantha Abigale Lore
Gender: Female
Specie: Human
Age: 25 (as of 2008)
Height: 5'5
Weight: (Classified)
Hair: Black, straight, length varies as she cuts her hair constantly, grows unnaturally fast
Eye: Blue
Outstanding traits: Tattooed black spots on face, scar spreading from left shoulder to neck, strip of red cloth she always has on her person (usually as a headband)
Origins: Natural, Brute
Superpower(s): Super strength, Invulnerability, Leviathan Mastery (as of 2006)
Weapon of choice: Fists
Vehicle of choice: None

Occupation(s): Arachnos scientist, director and head doctor of Grandville's hospital and infirmary, founder and head researcher of Fallen Laboratories, lieutenant under Captain Mako
Arachnos affiliation: Captain Mako's faction
Threat level: 45 (as of 2008)
Badge count: 215 (as of 2008)

Personality: Usually seen as cold and calculating, while willing to take a joke in more relaxed situations. Must keep busy or she fidgets and complains, so she became a workaholic to stay occupied. Fascinated by the unknown, while at the same time frightened of it. Prefers diplomatic solutions to violence, but relishes getting blood on her hands when given the chance. Will sometimes fly into a blind rage in the heat of battle, becoming a bezerking beast with little reason. Has been seen subconciously picking up Mako's habits (certain vocabulary, hand gestures, etc).
Goals: To repopulate the vampires in the Rogue Isles as super soldiers for Arachnos, to erradicate the Council's Dark Vampyri, to kill Noseratu for his creation of the vampyri, to reclaim Project Ein from the Council's clutches, to win the praise and affections from Captain Mako

Backstory: (Coming soon)

(More to come soon)

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