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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo - April 26-27
jagris at 5:12PM, April 28, 2008
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I actually just got back from that, but I was there as the guest handler for the voice actors.

I'll have a con report posted in a couple of days, once I can collect some pictures…

I went dressed as Toshi herself on the Saturday, and changed into an Animethon 14 staff member on Sunday.

There were tons of cool people there, and I had a total blast! (Though I do completely regret not taking pictures of Jennie Breeden from The Devil's Panties when I met her. DAMMIT.)

I also met Dale Berry, creator of The Moonlight Cutter. He's got a great story with tons of kung-fu buttwhoop and he's a really cool guy too!

AND. The incident that made my weekend! I was toodling down behind the line of voice actors and artists, when M. Alice Legrow asked me to watch her spot while she ran off for a mo. When she got back, we randomly got to chatting, and I found out that she reads Demonhunter! Being the braindead twit that I was by the end of Sunday, and totally exicted that I met a fan that I didn't already know, I didn't make the connection with her sign, until she told me that she created Bizenghast. I was like HOLY SHIT~!

There was a nice fellow checking out her stuff at the time, and he piped up that he read it too… so now I'm all super excited!

So, for those of you that DO read these posts, I give you a giant shout out if you were at the Calgary Expo and we didn't cross paths, and a big hello to all my new readers that I enticed with buisness cards and excited banter!

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