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MangaWriter at 8:14AM, May 11, 2008
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Hello there, everybody. MangaWriter here. I haven't posted anything really worth any notice on here lately, and I am here to explain why. Well, as you may or may not know, I'm preparing for work on a flash series of Hideaki. Frankly, I think that the story translates to the screen better than the page, if you know what I mean. With Flash, I can do a whole bunch of things that I couldn't do with just a pen and paper. Of course, there's things that I can do with a pen and paper that I can't do with flash. But not much. It's been a long and grueling process, preproduction, that is. I haven't written a script, and I'm not sure if I will. I might just draw up a storyboard with the basic idea of what I want rather than have it all set in stone with a script. It's gonna be more…free-flowing. Now, the reason why there won't be any more updates for 6 weeks, give or take. The sad truth is, the screen to my laptop has broken. (DON'T GET ANYTHING THAT'S A TOSHIBA.) In order to FIX this horrible mistake, we have to send it back to the manufacturer, who will fix it. For some ungodly reason, this will take 6 weeks. Weird, I know. Of course, it means I won't be able to make any comics, AND I won't be able to finish another animation I've been working on (which I'm keeping secret.) But anyway, back to news about the movie. I figure I'd tell you all exactly how much this is costing me for the supplies to make it alone. Aaaaand,(drumroll please)…. OVER $1000! Yet another reason why it's taking a while. Hopefully it'll be worth it. (The cost of the supplies isn't just for this movie, but for me to be able to make flash movies the way I want to period.)That's about all I can think of to tell you. So, in conclusion, I just thought I'd fill you guys in on what's going on here. Peace.
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