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AWA: the Aftermath!
Deathfire at 3:54PM, Sept. 22, 2008
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So after all this waiting, I think you guys will have a FREAKIN' COMIC PAGE TO LOOK AT!!!!


I just came back from AWA, which was FUN by the way! X3 Business was slow and not so good, because of the economy, but it wasn't so bad for my first time doing AA at AWA (in fact I think I did MUCH better than my first time at MTAC).

If you wanna read up on my full review of AWA, I'll have it up on my DA soon enough!

So YES! I will have a damn page up this week!!! D: I'll apologize in advance if the page ends up looking crappy, because I had to catch up with school work this week. ^^'

I am also thinking of instilling times of releasing two pages per week, but I don't know of that yet. I might do a two page release once a month or something. I dunno. ^^'

I'm taking my Intro to Sequential Art class this quarter, so you might be seeing some awesomeness in my work soon enough! :D yayz!!!

I love you guys!
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